What kind of traveler are you?

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We all at diablog love to travel. And we have different ways to do so. For example, our beloved commentator Smiles



picks his destination, and then he travels 1st class. He arranges everything. Then others take care of him. He is flown somewhere, he is driven in a limo, everywhere he wants to go. He is in charge of his destination, and what he sees. But others transport him. This is the most expensive way to travel. It is quite save. You are somewhat in control. But not free.

On the other hand, people like Glynsky and I are self-organized and self-determined travelers. Not only do we decide where we go. We also like to be in the driver seat. And I mean that literally, driving places is part of the travel. For us, flying, train rides, or taking the subway is – sometimes necessary – transport, it is not traveling.

Besides these two ways there is mass travel. You book a holiday package. It is arranged and decided by someone else, a tour operator. You are flown/driven somewhere, bus transport to the hotel/resort, breakfast/lunch/dinner there, arranged sight seeing tours in a bus. Or worse, they go on a cruise. Where you cannot decide anything, or leave if you want to. This is like being a sheep. You are herded. You are told what to do and when. Not only is this the least exciting way of traveling, it is the opposite of freedom.

Where do you fit in?

I am asking, because it is pretty much the same with your digital traveling, aka what you do with your computer. Or more precisely, with computers and their operating system.

If you are into mass travel, you probably are using Microsoft Windows. You are paying for the computer, but Microsoft decides what you can and cannot do with it. And they spy on you. And they sell your data to anyone willing to pay. Like bad tour operators, they charge you, and they charge the hotel/airline/bus a commission on everything you do. They take money from both sides. You are sheep. You are being fleeced. They are taking you for a ride. Pardon the pun.

Smiles, and his way, is best described with Apple computers and Apples operating systems. You pay the maximum price. You are quite safe. Since Apple controls the hardware (computer, phone, pad) and the software/operating system, there are fewer security flaws or holes. Apple spies on you and knows everything you do. But since you pay them big bucks, they do not sell your data to 3rd parties. You are just constantly charged more money. You are locked in. But at least not sold out.

If you are like me, if you want to be in the driver seat, if you want to decide what you do and when and how, you are best served with any of the many Linux operating systems. There you are in charge. You decide. That freedom comes with some responsibility.

And like when traveling, if you have a question, you look it up on the map, or you ask a friendly person around you. In Linux the equivalent is reading the manual, or asking the friendly people in one of the many Linux fora.

I encourage you, to get into the driver seat of your digital traveling.

You deserve the freedom, that comes with it.

Stay tuned,

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