6 Replies to “Travel music for Smiles”

  1. Thanks ER. I love the Beach Boys.
    Only 35 degrees in Vienna tgoday. Not a cloud in the sky.
    Looking forward to a glass or two of cold white wine at the Heuriger (Wine Tavern) later.

  2. Been nice weather in the north of Scotland this weekend, many degrees colder than Vienna, but good for us.
    Woke to the sunrise over the sea, even managed a stroll after breakfast.

  3. As we are all relaxed..
    Yorkshire folk have the lowest stress levels because they do not understand the seriousness of most medical terminology:
    Medical Term YORKSHIRE Definition:
    Artery The study of paintings; Bacteria Back door to cafeteria; Barium What doctors do when patients die; Benign What you be, after you be eight; Cesarean Section A neighborhood in Rome; Cat scan Searching for Kitty; Cauterize Made eye contact with her; Colic A sheep dog; Coma A punctuation mark; Dilate To live long; Enema Not a friend; Fester Quicker than someone else; Fibula A small lie; Impotent Distinguished, well known; Labour Pain Getting hurt at work; Medical Staff A Doctor’s cane; Morbid A higher offer; Nitrates Rates of Pay for Working at Night,
    Normally more money than Days; Node I knew it; Outpatient A person who has fainted; Pelvis Second cousin to Elvis; Post Operative A letter carrier; Recovery Room Place to do upholstery; Rectum Nearly killed him; Secretion Hiding something; Seizure Roman Emperor; Tablet A small table; Terminal Illness Getting sick at the airport; Tumor One plus one more; Urine Opposite of you’re out;
    No need to thank me.

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