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Dear Reader,

Our beloved commentator, The Druid, has picked his Avatar:


At the same time, according to his comment here, DiaBlog is being censored on his company network.

How often did I warn you Brits of censorship? For how many years now? But you just keep calm and carry on. Be an obedient subject to the Queen, your Prime Idiot, your boss, and who ever else feels like enforcing his or her views upon what you can read and what you cannot. Have a cup of tea, watch some soccer and TV.

While France had a little bit of terrorism, a little bit in comparison to what Europe had in the 70s and 80s, every idiotic politician on earth is demanding more censorship and surveillance. Never mind, that France already has given up civil rights under that ridiculous mini- and wannabe Napoleon, aka Sarkosy. They already have all the authority to spy on the whole country.

And, did it help? Surprise, surprise, it did not. It is all security theater. Fig leaves to keep you distracted from the incompetence. But I have been saying that for years too.

Naturally, the Prime Idiot cannot be out done, when it comes to wasting your money.

He now wants to increase the counter terrorism budget by a lofty 35%. And do what? Buy American F-35 jets. Because nothing says counter terrorism like a fighter jet. In particular one, that cannot really fly, or fire its main weapon due to software problems (to be fixed by 2019, maybe).

Brilliant move, Cameron, our military complex says thank you. I guess, payment is on the way? Or would you prefer a future career as Middle East convoy?

In exchange for the expenditures Cameron wants to cut social service and the police force.  Now I thought, bombing people creates terrorists, and the police force is in charge of catching them. But that’s just stupid me. I must be completely wrong there. I am sure, you English know better.

Update: In his next comment here, the Inverness Druid wishes for a pinball machine. That I cannot do, but this here I can:

Elton John – The Who – Pinball Wizard

Stay tuned,

Engine Room


Never retire

Dear Reader,

The following is for our younger readers. And by younger I mean 15 to 30 years old. It is a piece of unsolicited advice. For once I know Glynsky and I agree on the matter. The matter being “retirement”.

Glynsky and I are extremely lucky. We can say: All of our life is hobbies. And we will never have to – or want to – retire.

Our main sources of income are from a hobby. There are ups and downs, naturally. And we both enjoy what we do, including those ups and downs. Granted, the ups are more fun.

We are self-employed. Thus, we do not have a boss. Instead we have clients. That is one of the most important issues. Neither to have a boss, nor idiotic colleagues or associates. We work with and for people we like. Nasty people never make it onto the client list.

Besides the hobby, that ended up being the main source of income, we both enjoy lots of other hobbies. Like the main hobby, those other hobbies give us pleasure and are sources of joy. Sometimes we have success, and sometimes we fail. Some of the hobbies occasionally turn out revenue or a profit or benefits other than money. Some don’t. All hobbies are bringing us in touch with nice people. And sometimes those nice people turn out to become clients. Others become suppliers or service providers to our main hobby, or recommend us to other potential clients. All this happens naturally. Because, you guessed it, nice people.

You might have noticed, neither of us draws a line between. what most people call, business life and private life. For us it is two sides of the same coin. By the way, it was like that for most people until the industrial revolution.

Now let’s take a look, what other people, aka the majority, do.

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lookin’ good…

Dear diablog,

For reasons best known to themselves both Engine Room and Bro. Smiles have challenged me to select an avatar for our commenter Inverness Druid.

I am a little puzzled as to why because I had thought that the selection was usually chosen by the user.

However, initially I was using


as it appeared that he was on the phone to the said Bro. Smiles,but alternatives could include…

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Early Morning Brain Check?

Dear Reader,

Smiles is trying here to sell me tips, which I gave him four years ago here. Then he hadn’t been happy with my choice of music, Will Smith – Going to Miami. So he got a second song here, Jan Hammer – Crockett’s Theme, the Miami Vice anthem.

Either our brilliant commentator is developing Alzheimer’s, or he is checking my brain. Just because it is early morning, rest assured, my brain is working just fine.

That’s why I remember, that at the end of the Spanish-American war in the outgoing 19th century, Cuba went from being a Spanish colony more or less straight to being a US colony. Check the Platt Amendment, which among other things let us have Guantanamo still. I wish we haven’t.

By the 1920s, thanks to the prohibition in the US, Cuba was turned into an American ‘paradise’ of drinking, gambling, and prostitution. This era is partially responsible for the Myth of Cuba.

Fast forward to today, tourism is again a huge industry, annually some four million people are visiting Cuba, population around 11 million. With an official monthly income of ~ US$ 19 (!!!) it is a destination for the cheapest and sometimes disgusting mass tourism.

Is it fun? I cannot say, I have not been there yet. Yet all my friends, who have been, were more depressed than impressed.

So, let me ask with The Pet Shop Boys – What have I done to deserve this?

Stay tuned,

Engine Room

Romeo, oh Romeo

Dear Reader,

Are you thinking Shakespeare now? Good. Because he inspired the name of something I want to talk about in the following.

A while back I mentioned cigars here. Actually, we mentioned cigars more than once on diablog. And during one of my last trips one of the spectacular hosts provided me with something special. A real Cuban Romeo y Juliet:




and my very favorite of those, the Churchill:



Update: Sorry, I forgot the music to go with this. Here it is:

Buena Vista Social Club – Chan Chan

The Brits might not care, they can have them any time. In the US Cuban cigars are still illegal.

So, before the DEA or any other three letter agency confiscates it, throws me in jail, or what ever, I will enjoy this world famous treasure,

in peace,

Engine Room

Thank you

Dear Reader,

The old tradition on Thanksgiving is to say what you are thankful for.

A good time to say, we are thankful for our beloved commentators:







and Inverness Druid

Who, I just noticed, has no avatar yet. Glynsky, do something!

We are equally thankful for our supporters and muses:








Cousin Tony


and many more. Only Glynsky knows them all.

And last but not least, we are thankful for all you, readers.

You all together make this great fun.

Thank you,

Engine Room

some things have to be exclusive…

Dear diablog,

As you know 96 Club posts tend to be of a number of vehicles rather than just one – and don’t worry, I have loads more from this year’s wonderful selection.

However, once in a while something that really deserves a space of its own turns up – and this is one.

A superlative, original and real Alfa Romeo ‘Monza‘.


Glynsky once had the great honour of being ‘loaned’ one to race at Silverstone, Zolder and Dijon – and it was no less than the one used by Nuvolari in 1933 to win Le Mans!

Indeed, the owner of that one also owned (but never trusted to Glynsky (!!!!)) the 8C 35 Type C which he has since sold – the price mentioned in the Wiki link above and no wonder I was only allowed to look at it!

Whatever, just for your/my pleasure check this lot out as the real deal for a sunny drive through the West End – sod the Lambos, Porche, Bentleys, this is the way to go!



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