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Dear Reader,

Just when I suggested on diablog here, that you install some privacy enhancing add-ons in Firefox, there comes an update. And I highly recommend you install the update. You are using Firefox, aren’t you?

The newest version of Firefox has a wonderful feature. It blocks some tracking. If you open a ‘new private window’, automatically some trackers are blocked. What you see then looks something like this:

Tracking-ProtectionFirefox uses the blacklist from Disconnect, which I had mentioned here. You can still run the PrivacyBadger. The Privacybadger uses a heuristic approach to detect and block trackers, not a blacklist.

Why did the Mozilla Foundation, which provides Firefox, add this?

For years Firefox had a feature called ‘Request that sites not track you’. You can find it in ‘Preferences’ under ‘Privacy’. But the advertising industry ignored it. The fact that you did not want to be tracked did not mean anything to them. Basically, the advertising industry thought: fuck you. We will make money with your data, whether you want it or not. Nice, isn’t it?

So what do you do with shmocks, who refuse to listen? Correct, you hit them where it hurts, their wallet. And this is what Mozilla just did, slightly less hard, than I suggested.

By the way, our stupid senate passed CISA, formerly known as CISPA, the law that allows for data sharing between internet companies and the US government for spying on you. Reducing tracking data helps you to be a little bit less traceable. So, go ahead an update your Firefox, please.

Have wonderful day, enjoy your internet browsing, and stay tuned,

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16 thoughts on “Just in time

  1. ER. If this blocks cookies, surely it will prevent access to many web sites that require them as a pre-requisite to get into the site. How will this work for looking up stuff on the Web?

    1. Dear Philippa,

      You can set cookie preferences by website in Firefox at ‘Preferences’ –> ‘Privacy’
      And please not, the blocking of trackers is set for private windows only!
      Not in regular browsing.


  2. I don’t really care about it tbh. That is why I don’t mind adding all of this privacy shizzle. Why not!
    Just busy for the next few days to do this.

      1. So you guys have known about this Cookie jar and not told me. Right! If that is how it is going to be then two can play at this game!

  3. Dear Casper.
    I am only thinking of his health.
    Anyway, Glynsky is not fat, just too short for his weight.

    1. All I have to say you Smiles is watch your jar. You will fall asleep at some-point and when you do, when you do……I will be there

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