back together again…

Dear diablog,

Poor ol’ Engine Room has been taking the load all by himself for the last 2 weeks.

Ah well, c’est la vie and I am sure you have been royally amused – or have you? Some of it at first reading looks a little not amusing but …

The last visitors (has someone put Glynsky Towers on have now left and all around is chaos and clearing up.

Mind you (leaving recent world events out for the moment) all has not been that taxing and one of the recent ‘nights out’ with Mme. took us to the metropolis of Basingstoke (god knows why I should go all that way just to see (literally) old friends –¬† only the unplumbed depths of my mind would know).

And to see – a ’60’s night!!! Bonkers.



It was all good fun though even though the average age of the audience was 93. Even better was seeing this ancient group of zimmer framed, wheelchair laden, saggy skinned and decidedly wrinkly crew leap, yes I mean leap, to their feet for

Brian Poole (appearing at last again after 30 years  with me old mates the Trems) was very heart warming. A whole theatre of combined age to challenge Methuselah in action Рphew.

The original for me was purchased from Cousin Tone


whilst bunking off school to visit him at HMV in Oxford Street and went like this

with their audience jumpin’ up as well.

Love it (and all of you)

Yours, diablog, welcoming myself back


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  1. well well well… I thought this might happen – the former resident Cutie back. Lets make sure that you haven’t got anything wiggly planned to take over my candy seat. I have my eyes on you Glynsky or should I say ‘maybethronestealer’

  2. Welcome back Glynsky, bringing reality to the blog. I thought you had risen off into the sunset with all that cash.
    As much as I enjoy ER’s posts, they require some concentration and I have to read them numerous times to understand what he’s talking about. It’s good to have such a diverse selection on the blog.
    I always thought I was good at the twist, would have trouble doing it now though.
    To think Smiles missed the heyday of the twist, he was too young.
    It’s like all our yesterdays.

  3. Dearest all, to say I have missed you would be, well, exaggerating! However thanx for the kind words and Druid always wear a clean pair just in case!
    Caspetta NO one could ever outshine you xxx

  4. The 60s – what memories.
    The great freeze of 1963. Snowball fights with the neigbours on the other side of the road.
    Spurs winning the double.
    Dad getting his first car. A Ford 100E Popular. We were so proud.
    England winning the World Cup in 1966.
    Going to Senior School in 1966.
    And many more ….

  5. I see what you are doing!
    Trying to be CUTER!!
    …well…when I think of you I get all sweaty(to be fair its more pastey actually) :-* but its all for you babe! ;-) X

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