not in the right state…

Dear diablog,

After yesterday’s gentle return on to other more mordant stuff.

So this message

has acquired a certain special raison d’etre – particularly if you listen to some of the lyrics carefully.

For somewhat opaque reasons of his own Engine Room appears to have it in for David Cameron. I have no idea why the ills of the whole world appear to originate at the feet of an elected British Prime Minister but the skewed logic of our correspondent appears to, conveniently(?), ignore the Arch Moron of all time (oh, all right then, my lifetime).

I have in the past referred to her


as Mutty. Errata – from now on, Nutty/Menopausal


Merkel who appears to have single handedly (due to guilt?)

  • probably completely trashed and f***ked the Schengen agreement – which may well take the whole EU with it
  • created crises for all European ‘border’ nations
  • created crises for all EEC nations
  • allowed hounded and suffering migrants to actually believe that they will be welcome in Germany – provided they make their own way, arrange trains, book flights, avoid people traffickers and behave like middle class tourists with all the necessary transit papers – any time that suits them.

I assume she may, in the foreseeable future, arrange a series of airlifts for all those poor souls braving Mediterranean storms, razor wire, awful transit camps and unimaginable deprivation who doggedly trudge on in the apparent belief that ‘cos she said it was all right – it is.

Has she or her equally culpable politburo actually asked any one, checked it out, sent the help of policemen, sorted timetables or done anything other than tinker without any idea of the chaos she would cause?

No chance. A plonker.

Yours, diablog, wishing G+P had a Lifetime Idiot Award


4 thoughts on “not in the right state…

  1. Maybe better that G+P does not have a Lifetime Idiot award, as you or Arsene Wenger could win it :-)
    Actually, I agree with you on Merkel. The situation in Austria is getting worse !!

  2. Yes I can see the end of Shengen as countries put their borders back, particularly in the light of new terrorism.
    In the words of the great Trekkie song ‘ we come in peace, shoot to kill’

    Yours, working to pay my taxes to support our new Syrian friends.

  3. I agree that her job is too look after herpeople/Country’s interest before all this move by her made no sense to me tbh..

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