Oh Marta …

Dear Reader,

No worries, I did not fall in love with a woman. The Marta mentioned in the headline is my recommendation for the upcoming winter.

But first, sorry for the silence over the last couple of days. I was traveling, working, having fun with friends. Like the people abusing Glynsky Towers for accommodation, I dislike hotels a bit. Whenever I can, I stay with friends. Or as I call it: couch surfing. The usual deal is, they provide a mattress, futon, or guest bed, and I invite them out for dinner. Some of my hosts consider themselves a chef and prepare dinner. Then I provide wine and drinks at least.

On one of those couch surfing events we got to know Marta’s parents. And now I’d like to introduce her to you.

Her full name is Amarone Classico DOC Marta Galli. And this is what she looks like:


Marta comes from the La Ragose Winery, and you should give her – or any of her sisters – a new home.

Frederick Wildman is the US importer, and here is a retailer, Astor Wine & Spirits.

I mentioned Amarone a while back on diablog. And from La Ragose came my very first Amarone. It is one of the very best, and you can be certain, it is not adulterated. Which sadly has started to happen at other vineyards.

At 15-16% alcohol, for me Amarone is winter wine. Perfect for that evening in front of the fireplace, after dinner, with a cigar, some great music playing, staring into the flames, ignoring all troubles, and enjoying the good things in life.

And since “I’m not in Love” here is 10cc, perfect fireplace music:


Engine Room

8 thoughts on “Oh Marta …

  1. Now you’re talking ER, my kind of wine, though I do worry about the alcohol content.
    My personal experience is that the alcohol content of some wines seems to be going up at the expense of the quality of the wine. As you say, a wine for relaxing with good music, doesn’t get better than that.
    As the weekend approaches, the druids think of fine food and good wines to accompany them, the only problem is the adverse effect on the shape of your body.
    Good weekend to the bloggers.

  2. I am surprised that you did not play “Is this the way to Amarone”
    Anyway, I like 10cc. I will have to find my Greatest Hits CD and introduce the Lithuanians to them.

  3. Yes! Thanks for kicking off Christmas ER.
    I heard that song a while back, a few times and always wondered.
    What an odd band name-
    Amidst the jungle that is our world I hope that you are all enjoying the calm aswell.
    I enjoy how Smiles is already into his weekend!
    Thinking of you all and more than loving you.

    Casper X

  4. I would like to introduce you to another Marta.
    Marta Magnabosco is producing stunning Soave Classico at the family vineyard in the north of Italy.

    Yours anticipating drink in hand

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