Early Morning Brain Check?

Dear Reader,

Smiles is trying here to sell me tips, which I gave him four years ago here. Then he hadn’t been happy with my choice of music, Will Smith – Going to Miami. So he got a second song here, Jan Hammer – Crockett’s Theme, the Miami Vice anthem.

Either our brilliant commentator is developing Alzheimer’s, or he is checking my brain. Just because it is early morning, rest assured, my brain is working just fine.

That’s why I remember, that at the end of the Spanish-American war in the outgoing 19th century, Cuba went from being a Spanish colony more or less straight to being a US colony. Check the Platt Amendment, which among other things let us have Guantanamo still. I wish we haven’t.

By the 1920s, thanks to the prohibition in the US, Cuba was turned into an American ‘paradise’ of drinking, gambling, and prostitution. This era is partially responsible for the Myth of Cuba.

Fast forward to today, tourism is again a huge industry, annually some four million people are visiting Cuba, population around 11 million. With an official monthly income of ~ US$ 19 (!!!) it is a destination for the cheapest and sometimes disgusting mass tourism.

Is it fun? I cannot say, I have not been there yet. Yet all my friends, who have been, were more depressed than impressed.

So, let me ask with The Pet Shop Boys – What have I done to deserve this?

Stay tuned,

Engine Room

3 thoughts on “Early Morning Brain Check?

  1. Pleased to hear that you are up and your brain is still functioning.
    So no more tips wanted ? Ok, they will go in the bin with the Cuban cigars, great wines etc that I have been collecting for you.
    I am having a quiet day at home with my dog, Amicus.
    In one hour starts the big match, so time to open the Pale Ale and settle back in the armchair.
    Decision time, to grill the steak now or after the match. It is now 13.20 in Vilnius.

  2. Jesus Smiles whatever you have done to ER just apologise and make sure you are at carol practise tonight wearing what I sent you X

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