sod global warming…

Dear diablog,


christinahas been rather quiet recently but has just sent me the following – slightly erroneously tagged as racing (should be rally) but what the hell! Still crazy.

Before you watch:

  1. Notice how close the people are (and this by the way was filmed in 2015).
  2. Turn up the volume to hear the instructions from the navigator – the Irish accent needs careful listening.
  3. How do they do this without being sick?

I always hankered after this sort of thing and good I may have been but this good????!!!

Bejaysus – mental!

Yours, diablog, at the wheel


18 thoughts on “sod global warming…

  1. If that’s what you would like to believe!!
    You probably didn’t realise at the time but I remember once, somewhere after crossing the border in the white Scim , careering down a cobbled road in the wet into some town or other and coming up to a 90 degree right where it took everything I knew to keep it together. Has lived with me since! Loved it.

  2. Holla!

    Have a great weekend X my thoughts are with Smiles as he is learning to walk on a prosthetic leg. I wonder what he chose- wood,metal or rubber??
    hehe X

    Casper X

  3. Dear Casper
    Sorry to disappoint you but I am now walking again on my own 2 legs.
    Thanks for the thoughts.

  4. It is good you are so happy Smiles.but it is your third leg that I was talking :-*

    Casper X

  5. Hahaha- that made me laugh out loud.
    I did not expect that. You still manage to surprise me.
    Thank You for the laugh X
    Heal quickly ‘old Bill Jones’

    Casper X

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