and i forgot…

Dear diablog,

As you well know from earlier posts I am a real and enduring fan of


to whit the poster on one of the Glynsky garage doors – I often wish I had kept it better!

Anyway, stupid man, I let the commemoration on G+P of her 76th birthday float passed without a murmur. Shame on me!

I suppose that her most generally memorable song (this filmed at Wembley when she was 70 for heavens sake) is

but for me, since 1966 when I first saw her in New York, Nutbush (1973) is the one that ticks all the boxes.

Sorry my heroine – I hope you will forgive my oversight.

Yours, diablog, in shame and ecstasy


36 thoughts on “and i forgot…

  1. Great music and great videos. What more could a man ask for on a Monday morning? Maybe one of the background dancers from 1st video ?

  2. Great Monday morning music Glynsky xXx As a ghost I like to sway, I cant really do some of those frik in awesome moves!but if I could!
    Someone get Smiles a back up dancer,please, so to distract him.and perhaps then I can stop walking as though I am being tickled by the very funny man and his jokes!!!

    Casper X

  3. East European women are intelligent, interesting, slim and beautiful.
    It is not a fetish but a full time occupation since my first visit to Eastern Europe in 1983.
    As you wrote, there is a bit world out there. Maybe I will not like other women’s bits :-)

  4. *Going back to being a dude*

    So- how many vaginas did you guys see this weekend?


    Casper X

  5. Dear Casper
    If you really want to know, I saw 11 vaginas this weekend and they were all wearing red shirts and playing at the Emirates Stadium. Glynsky can no doubt confirm this.

  6. It is not a time of the month thing with the “Arse”. It is daily and forever.
    You can change your wife but you cannot change your football team
    Glynsky feels the same about Spurs but is too much of a Gentlemen to air his views in public.
    Holiday in Austria and Italy today. Going to try out a new Restaurant with a Josper Grill for meat and specialising in Craft Beers.

  7. Lollollol Smilllllessss!
    Amazing! Have jolly time.
    Missing You already.
    Let us know how you liked the restaurant? :-)

    Casper X

  8. Dear Casper
    The restaurant was very good with excellent steaks. I will add it to the list for the Druid’s next visit. Maybe he will have to stay for a month as so many great places to go.

  9. Hmmmm. Nice nice, I agree. Lets talk in detail at our manly shower bath tonight. Remember your turn to wash my back first.
    Luvya X

  10. He means it – tried that old trick on me once!
    WTF all this has to do with Tina is beyond me, but I’ll leave Casper and Smiles to find their room.

  11. Always have been a rugger bugger.
    Better you go and buy a soap on a rope.
    Finally, I would like to say that I have never taken a shower with Glynsky. With lots of other me, after football, rugby and hockey, but Glynsky never !!!

  12. Sorry, meant lots of other men.
    Must be the Tina Turner video making me nervous with the delightful Ivona dancing across the stage like a butterfly when she was called.
    You see Glynsky, we are back to Tina.
    Happy now ??

  13. Hahahahahaha. Jeeze!
    I am going to go and dig a hole and sit there and not think about how hard this is.
    Anyway Smiles: Thank You very much for today X
    Have a beautiful evening! I am sure I have made you tiresome as you I. Someone will have to give.

    Casper X

  14. Finally!
    I have been waiting to hear that for months and months.
    It is now on the internet, that you have admitted that you broke the BroCode.
    You were the bestest of Bro’s and you left!
    Bros before Ho s !!! I hope she was worth it X

    Casper X

  15. We are still the best of Bros, just that none of us live in our home country or town anymore.
    I did not leave UK because of a woman.
    Keep trying. In fact, you are very trying :-)

  16. Sorry to disappoint you but that neither.
    I just wanted to start a new life in a different country and I was always flying through Vienna, so I moved there. Best move of my life !

  17. I can tell it was hehe but seriously it means the world to know that you are happy.
    Which ever Country, man or Ivana.

    Wisper X

  18. Is this a record attempt or sumfink?
    Showers, bendy, innuendo – still can’t cope but doing my manly best – I think!

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