are you ready?…

Dear diablog,

With the Christmas break looming you, and many others, will be probably looking forward to at least one or two days slumped in front of the television.

If like Glynsky you enjoy a good film you may not find what you want available so this seems an opportunity to make two suggestions very much enjoyed recently.

I love Romcoms (girlie that I am) and if you are prepared to accept the most ridiculous of plot lines with the most unlikely of situations and character profiles possible (which I also do) you could do a lot worse than try ‘Barefoot’

I found it gentle and good fun.

On the other hand…



…if you live, like the Druid, in Scotland this is brilliant. Be warned though that Mme. and I could have benefited from an interpreter!

Despite the broad accents I loved ‘The Angels Share’ and found it both entertaining and uplifting in the manner of the ‘Full Montie’.

So, what are you waiting for – get copies today!

Yours, diablog, ever the old romantic


11 thoughts on “are you ready?…

  1. Looks good Glynsky, I’m afraid like you I’m an old romantic as well.
    My favourite viewing is either Dirty Dancing or Topgun.

  2. Dear Glynsky or should it be Glynskie ??
    The film that you referred to was entitled The Full Monty and not The Full Montie as you wrote. It was even written on the trailer for 2nd film, so no excuse for such a mistake.
    It is already the 16th Decememer and still no Christmas music from you. Has Christmas been cancelled on the Diablog ???

  3. The first film looks horrible. The lead actor isn’t attractive.

    The second looks ok.

    I am ready ready.

    Casper X

  4. I noticed but I wouldn’t have mentioned it. Not sure either are my cup of tea, although no probs with the accents.
    Is it so important that the lead is attractive? Isn’t that rather shallow from us fairer sex – isn’t humour and personality what it’s all about? Oh no of course not I forget, it’s only what we say is important in a man, when his arse and his face are really what matters.

    Talking of spelling, check this out…How many “F”s can you see?


    Did you find 3? Wrong…

    There are 6 – the brain doesn’t process OF!!

  5. He had no humour nor personality. His looks were do-able(I think) but I daren’t click to watch again to make sure.
    Wait what, we see his bare arse in the clip. Please message back asap and let know Pips, so I can watch if so.

    Casper X

  6. It seems impossible if the brain can’t even register OF.
    I am not trusting my results and will do a re-do at a later could be that Smiles pushed my buttons by saying I am sulking/am unstable-ish mentally, but I want a re-do later! All those could have effected my results.

    Casper X

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