We agree, Glynsky is late

Dear Reader,

The headline is somewhat wrong and misleading. There should be a period instead of a comma. I am pointing this out, because of the recent struggle with spelling, missing words, grammar, and reading properly here on diablog.

Back to the points, what do Glynsky and I agree upon? First, that Glynky’s latest recommendation here, Angel’s Share, is a great movie. Secondly, that Glynsky misspelled the title, missing the apostrophe in Angel’s.

But then, as the famous xkcd pointed out a long time ago:

There is always someone wrong on the internet.

On to why our dear Glynsky is late, I might add, as usual. Because I recommended the movie three (3 !) years ago. On October 28, 2012, I wrote Enjoy Responsibly, with the movie title even in the headline. Been there. Done that.

In related news, I went to Glasgow not too long ago. I know, the English aren’t fond of the Scots. But I get along with Scots very well, and have zero problems with their accent. Glasgow seems to be a great city, and it has very very friendly people. Hopefully I will be back soon. I’ll let you know. In the meantime, from Glasgow:

Simple Minds – Promised you a miracle

Keep on rolling,

Engine Room

6 thoughts on “We agree, Glynsky is late

  1. Agreed, Glynsky is late but with what ??
    A late developer ?
    Late with Christmas songs this year ?
    Late inviting us for Christmas dinner ?

  2. Ahahaa very funny Casper as usual.
    I love you so much you are my favourite, everyone else is okay, but you totally top of them all. Maybe one day we can have toast and marmalade together.
    Again Casper I looooooooveee you!

    Love Smiles X

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