Alternative Holidays

Dear Reader,

While Glynsky complains about office parties and tries to motivate you to pick up crazy sport here, I’d like to introduce you to an alternative holiday set up.

Some background first, my family is huge. And I had the great pleasure to enjoy tremendous holiday parties, some lasting three days, some going on for two weeks. Never less than 15 people, mostly we were 25 to 45, having great fun, a lot of warmth and harmony, delicious meals, great wines, and everything you could ask for.

On the other hand, I also have very fond memories of my first holiday season all by myself. For a long time I had access to a huge house in a skiing area. The house had an entrance hall with a huge fireplace, library, music room, salon, bar, playroom, TV room, dining hall, and eight bedrooms. There were two kitchens with fully stocked fridges and freezers plus a wine and beer cellar. The most useless room was a gym.

One year all this was mine to enjoy, all by myself. And luck had it, that year we had a ton of snow. The village was snowed in, cut off from the rest of the world. For four days nobody could get in, and nobody could get out. It was by far my most silent holiday season ever.

I spent it in front of the fireplace, reading, enjoying simple food like steak and whole chicken with delicious wines. It was quiet and peaceful and very relaxing. If you are tired of big party holiday seasons, if you want to unwind, I highly recommend something similar.

And here is the music I discovered then. This is Eric Satie with six of his most famous pieces:

I mentioned him earlier on diablog here. Eric Satie influenced people like Maurice Ravel and Pablo Picasso. And Keith Jarrett “borrowed” heavily from him.

This music is excellent, maybe one of the best, for a lazy Sunday, for calm and peaceful days all by yourself. Sitting by an open fire, enjoying drinks and a cigar, following your own thoughts.

Happy holidays,

Engine Room

12 thoughts on “Alternative Holidays

  1. My favourite music on db so far.
    Thanks ER.
    What more can I say apart from 25-45! You are kidding right? Are you guys collectors or something? Why do you need to so many ?? I mean are they all family or did you get some people to sign papers to join …………
    Hahaha he’s kidding right? Guys? Glyn? Smiles? Druey? Pips? Hahaaaa surely right.. ?anyone?

  2. Nice music, but found myself falling asleep at my desk at 0610.
    I can imagine it would be good to enjoy on a cold wet afternoon.
    From the forecast we are going to have sun on Christmas day, though it will only be 6C, not warm enough to sit in the garden.

  3. Yes and no Smiles.
    That is the simple answer. I cannot picture anything solid, as I have no picture. And by that time; my duties might not be wiping doody.
    The reasons people have, to have children I do not have. I have yet to experience the other- which I don’t think I know yet, which is love or something.

    Holy moly Druid!

    Casper X

  4. That is fair enough; but my worry isn’t of my needs nor freedom like you Smiley.
    Why did you find regret at times?
    Did you wish to continue your gene pool?
    Everyone has one and they are very cute?
    You wished you and you partner made something together which wasn’t from couples class – like pottery?
    You need more responsibility?
    It would distract you from all the horrible in life?
    There is something missing in your life?
    You’d be good at it?

    Casper X

    I.e I am pro baby! Btw; I would be perfect, I would love it too etc etc, tis in my nature. But the challenges of life aren’t easy, my needs are not that strong that I cant think thoroughly about it.

  5. Not me
    That applies to: the music, eating a whole chicken, liking Picasso, children, reasonable, regret, 45 of ER’s relatives (pass the pistol), responsibility……..

  6. Well some deep stuff coming out here! I have to agree with you Druid, lovely music if you want to fall asleep in front of the fire.
    I’m staggered at your family ER. I couldn’t gather 45 family together at one time. Sound like you have some generous relatives too, letting you loose in a so large and beautifully placed house, let alone with a fantasy stock of food and wine. Sounds great, but I would have been out that door on a pair of skis!

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