the whole tool box…

Dear diablog,

The end of the first week of 2016 and where are we? As usual with Engine Room jumping the gun!

Maybe it is just great minds thinking alike and following the ‘Jamaican’ sounds at the same time, but my guess is that he plunders my ideas as I list them.

I spent New Year’s eve with friend Carlo (of the super juke box) where we played all sorts of ska, blue beat and reggae which brought to mind the early ’90’s band and hits of Chaka Demus and Pliers.

Some while ago I posted the ‘standard’ version of Twist and Shout – but theirs was altogether different


though the two for which they were both renowned were…



…Murder She Wrote

which is well cool but, for me the best is

Tease Me which is outstanding. All of these make you want to lie in the sun and break out a beer!

Yours, diablog, goin’ for the Jerk Chicken


4 thoughts on “the whole tool box…

  1. Excellent version of Twist & Shout, getting me in the mood for the Druids decamping to the Caribbean at the end of February for some well earned sun.
    Woke to snow this morning, no good for rear wheel drive Alfas.

  2. Great Morning music here on db, getting people in the mood the weekend!
    While I sort my brain damage; I will be sure to jingle every now and then:D

    Casper X

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