Diversity wins

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My apologies for being silent. Our most senior family member had a heart attack and that needed attention. Now all is well again, everyone is happy. Life is good. And 1st world health care is really really great.

What isn’t so great, is the media hype about what is called “sex mobs” by “refugees” or “asylum seekers” or “migrants” or foreigners. Since I was asked a lot, here is my take.

I follow a rule: One does not touch other people

Everybody has private space, and that is not to be invaded. Period.

Since some people do not play by that rule, there has been and still is groping, touching and other illicit body contact. Mostly this happens to women, but my ass has been groped occasionally in gay bars and by women. This is neither new, nor is it a foreign phenomena. Women, older than me, tell me it was much worse in the 60s and 70s. But everyone blaming just foreigners should talk women about their experiences. Or maybe talk to women in Bangkok, or other sex tourism countries. You will learn how well behaved our men are. Basically, assholes grope, not foreigners.

Following the above mentioned rule, I discussed with all girlfriends and kids, how to handle groping. Usually they yell at the person loudly and angrily. Or they slap the person across the face hard. Alternatively, they stomp hard onto the middle bone of his foot. In most cases the groper is embarrassed enough and leaves. If he does not, and I am asked to get involved, I will do so.

What happened on New Years Eve in Cologne and other cities in Europe is neither unheard of, nor new, nor foreign. This is also, why the police in its first statements about the night did not mention anything.

If in doubt ask yourself, why aren’t there any pictures and videos online? Whenever something extraordinary happens today, we have plenty of pictures and videos from bystanders. In the case of Cologne? Nothing. Nowhere. There were hundreds of people, and nobody took a picture? Nobody took a video?

Then the matter received attention. And then the media went bonkers. And then political enemies of the current government – from other parties as well as from within the ruling parties – used the case for what can only be called propaganda. It is propaganda against the German Chancellor.

But in a very rare case, I agree with Mrs. Merkel. Her decision to take in more refugees was and still is correct. She only failed to explain it. Let me do that for her.

When the Schengen Agreement was negotiated in the 80s, the Germans had a section added dealing with asylum seekers. Basically it said, people have to apply for asylum in the first safe country, that they reach. Germany, surrounded by safe countries, was very well off.

Since the 80s and 90s the majority of asylum seekers had to stay in border countries like Italy, Greece, France, Hungary, Spain, etc. That this was unfair and a huge burden especially on the smaller and poorer countries has been in the news ever since.

Then a couple of things happened. Greece, being driven to the edge of bankruptcy after 2009, demanded help. So did Spain. Italy was fed up too. The same goes for Hungary. The financial collapse of any of the European border countries would have been a disaster for everybody. Remember, the markets were betting against the Euro heavily then.

As a result of all this, Germany was looking to negotiate refugee quotas for all European countries. That failed.

At the same time, the number of refugees from Syria, Iraq, and others skyrocketed. Turkey, Lebanon and other countries could not shoulder the burden. It was only a question of – very short – time, until there would have been an uncontrolled mass-migration. Or countries going bust.

Thus, Mrs. Merkel corrected the mistake from the Schengen Agreement and Germany took in roughly one million people. Merely sending money to said countries would not have helped. And it would have been difficult to sell that to the German public after sending so much before already. Never mind that most of the money sent to Greece and Spain went right back to banks in Germany, the UK, France, etc.

Mrs. Merkel has experienced first hand, when Western Germany took in 17 million Eastern Germans. She was one of them. And she has an idea, what Germany can shoulder and what not. And just in case anyone says “But those were Germans”, the differences in culture were substantial.

People with some brain and historic knowledge also knew and remembered, that taking in well over a million foreign workers in the 60s and 70s came with some problems. Just a small example, the migrants from East Anatolia in Turkey did not know what a toilette was. They were used to standing above a hole. So they stepped onto the toilets. Imagine what that looked like.

So, migrants need help and education to get along and in order to fit in. That includes education about women’s rights. But lets get off the high horse. Women’s rights are not that old in our own culture.

Migration is good. It enriches a country and a society. The Turkish immigrants into Germany from the 60s and 70s and their children are creating 17 times more jobs than German people. In the US we prefer to hire a first generation American over – pardon my frankness – 4th generation ‘white trash’ any time. And let us all not forget, we all at Diablog are migrants, or children of migrants.

The most recent numbers from 2014 by the German police show, asylum seekers from Syria, Iraq, or Afghanistan are less likely to be criminals than Germans. So, let’s calm down, and let’s help new citizens to adjust.

And regarding groping, it is not a criminal offense. But if you touch my kids, you will be slapped hard. Because you deserve it. No matter where you are from.

Stay tuned,

Engine Room

8 thoughts on “Diversity wins

  1. I agree, you can look, but did not touch.
    Migration is good for all nations, we all need to understand different cultures and food.
    The Brits are so guilty of going to other countries and expecting food like mother makes and force their ways on others.
    It all comes back to bite you in the backside.

    Keep calm and tour the world

  2. As usual a very comprehensive and convincing argument ER, in your usual liberal mind set. But hang on there – groping IS a criminal offense. They call it assault and yes it happens to most people we know, my family included (and me), but it doesn’t excuse the misogynous behaviour of thousands of Arab / African men being given sanctuary in Europe. The complaints women made were specific and you try filming when hundreds of hands are upon you! Nothing like this has ever happened at an event in a city before – not on this scale.
    The UK has had a taste of this with Pakistani men running a mock in the north of England, abusing vulnerable young girls. Yes white men have done the same, but this was / is a cultural problem brought in from their original countries where there is no recrimination for this behaviour and women dare not report it for fear of family recrimination.
    It was incredible of Western Germany to absorb the East, but it was also in German’s interests and their nature for the continuing dream of a united Europe. What good is a 3rd world country on your door step!
    I don’t disagree migration is good, my family did it, but this time the scale of things has got out of hand and will test tolerance if abuse of this kind happens. Not sure that the “Brits” you refer to Druid are any I know, but there are a minority that behave as you describe. I think they all end up in Benidorm though don’t they?

  3. The Swedish Police last week had to admit that the same happened at the Music Festival in Stockholm last Summer but they kept it quiet. Sweden is the country which takes the most migrants in percentage in relation to the population.

  4. Dear Philippa,

    Your numbers are way off.
    Conservative media exaggerated the event, especially in the US and UK. Because it suits their agenda.
    During 12/31 and on 1/1 there were roughly 130 complaints. Roughly a third included sexual offenses.
    Everything else came in after the media hype.

    Naturally, I did not expect film/photos from the victims, I wrote “from bystanders”. There are no police videos, either. Nothing from the cameras in and around the train station.

    And no, this behavior is not exclusive to Arabs, or Africans, or Muslims. It is exclusive to uneducated, uncivilized assholes.

    Out of the one million refugees in Germany a small portion is likely to be such assholes.
    Yet, according to police numbers that percentage is smaller, than within the original German population.


  5. Which of the following names are you familiar with?

    1. Monica Lewinski
    2. Tony Blair
    3. Robert Mugabe
    4. Jeremy Corbyn
    5. Jorge Bergoglio
    6. Winnie Mandela
    7. Vladimir Putin
    8. Linda Lovelace
    9. Sepp Blatter

    You had trouble with #5 did you??

    Enlightenment to follow……..

  6. Typical….., you know the criminals, murderers, thieves, sluts, liars and cheats, but you don’t know the Pope??

    1. For the record, it was you who introduced the biggest criminal organization of all time into that debate.
      What was it? Five percent of all catholic priests are child molesters?


  7. Be who you are and say what you feel… because those that matter…don’t mind…and those that mind… don’t matter!

    And as you slide down that Banister of Life you should pray
    that all the splinters are pointed the other way…

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