NYers are nuts

Dear Reader,

2016 got off to a somewhat crazy start. Not only for us at diablog.

In December everybody said: “What a lovely Spring we have, this Winter.”

And then, four weeks late, it hit us really hard. Now most people wonder, are NYers crazy? Yes. Yes, we are.

During the lovely Winter of ’95 a few nutters drove down from upstate NY – on snow mobiles. They wanted to drive down 5th Ave. And they did. Naturally, they got caught and fined. Was it worth it? Every penny.

How do you top that? Maybe like this:

Snowboarding and skiing behind a 4×4 on Times Square. Woooooohoooooo!

This is Times Square on a normal day, and below during snowy days:

Have fun,

Engine Room

2 thoughts on “NYers are nuts

  1. Nothing wrong with nuts, you have to enjoy yourself when you can.
    Enjoy the snow, we only have rain.

  2. Something wrong with the 1st frame here ER, unless it’s just me, can’t get it to open up.
    You have certainly had some harsh weather over there this last week or so. What did you do with yourself confined to your apartment? I mean you’re such an active chap.

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