the end of it…

Dear diablog,

I trust that you will bear with me for one more time following the sad death of Erika’s son.

This has just come into my hands and seemed the best send off ever. A friend of his was making a movie (despite Mark being very ill towards the end – and it shows) featuring a drive on Mulholland and had just finished it it time.

We can think of no greater tribute which will also please the car people reading G+P.

Yours, diablog, rejoicing in an apt send off



3 Replies to “the end of it…”

  1. I can see why this film is so special to you, what with Mark sharing your passion for the MG and sports cars in general. Looks great on the road and until he mentioned California, I was going to ask if was the States, as he used the term canyon, so it didn’t fit with the Alps or somewhere this side of the pond. Fab place to let it rip!
    I’m sure Erika will treasure this clip.

  2. A very fitting tribute to Mark & his car.
    He obviously loved the car and driving it as it was meant to be, roof off, open road.

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