An intelligent Blonde

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Our beloved commentator Smiles owns a golden retriever. After more than two decades of indiscriminate proliferation – instead if proper breeding – the golden retriever got the reputation of being the ‘blonde’ among dogs. Friendly, but stupid and easy.

Yet most people forget, originally the retriever was an excellent hunting dog. Here is a prime example:

(from here:

This, maybe slightly older, golden retriever places bread directly under its nose on the water surface as bait for fish. And then catches the fish. The intelligence, patience, endurance, and quickness is stunning.

Still not retrieving any gold though.

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  1. Brilliant. Take your dog fishing for supper, that is assuming he will give it up for you to cook!
    Did you know that the Golden Retriever has been classed in the top ten most endangered dog breeds? Apparently not enough people want them these days, so they aren’t getting bred so much.

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