10 thoughts on “auntie’s agony…

  1. Dear Casper.
    Thanks for asking and my knee is healing well. I think another 2-3 weeks and my knee will be back to normal. My personal trainers take a lot of time helping with exercises to strengthen the muscles around the knee and increase mobility. I am travelling as usual, so everything is fine.
    I hope that you are well too.

  2. Don’t sound so pleased. I am just checking in on my investment of a piggy back machine. Let me know when you are ready for testing lol.

    Great news to hear that though, I hope someone kisses the knee better for you. Happy travels Mr Gorgeous. Happy Sunday Beautiful readers xXx

  3. What do you think of the name Django for a kid? People seem to care about names.. I really enjoyed watching that film so I thought… Or Kenickie or Dengue fever or ApplePlapple??
    Lemme know.
    Toodles X

  4. Always wanted to call a dog ‘Vomit’. Could think of nothing better than bellowing for it in the park!!!!!

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