slightly bad news

Dear Reader,

My apology for the few days of silence. It has two reasons.

The first reason is a good one. I went on another road trip, attended parties with younger folks, and had a pile of fun. More about that later.

The second reason is a bad one. And that caused a bit of additional and unexpected work.

During last weekend a server of was cracked. Since I like and recommend Linuxmint, being informed was important. You can read about the cracking here:

As far as we know, you need to be concerned only, if you downloaded the installation file for Linuxmint 17.3 Cinnamon 64 Bit over the weekend and installed Linuxmint from that file. The crackers were able to change the download location to a server of theirs and had file with malicious code in there.

The second part of the bad news was, the crackers got in through a security hole in WordPress. We are using WordPress and I recommend it. Again, I wanted to know more, and whether we are affected.

All our software is up to date and we should be OK.

Back to fun stuff next,

Engine Room

13 thoughts on “slightly bad news

  1. I’m afraid you’ve lost me completely again ER.
    Thank goodness we have you to sort out our house.
    Glad you had a good adventure and hopefully got to relax.
    Your with a G&T

  2. Yes, Thank You ER, you big mighty ball of awesome!
    I too like druey know nothing at all about what’s its about yet. But non the less Thanks X
    Will your penos be present as Smiles’s showing? Lemme know lol

  3. Your penis remember. We are all very excited. I have rounded a few ladies up that said they would bake for a peak :)

  4. Sorry Casper, you must be mixing me up with Glynsky as he will do anything for a cake.
    After yesterday evening, it might get a little Messi !!

  5. I can live with that particular cancellation, as I have the cakes already.
    I have confused myself, from being confused, sorry.
    I sometimes worry that my words might disperse floating in front of me and one day I might not be able to catch them in the correct order. When you can sense the order but cant comprehend. I am sure every moth feels like that. FREETHEMOTHS (If you are holding one captive) hehehahahahahaha

  6. I mean who eats clothes. What is the nutritional value or flavs. I gotsta google that. What weird things. DONTFREETHEMOTH, but actually they have a diet that isn’t human so I could be safe with them. DOFREETHEMOTHS

  7. Checked it out.
    So this larvae caterpillar eats our shizzle. I don’t why and mostly wool. They like stored foods and maybe because as a caterpillar you are stored before blooming? might explain their likings… Get it? Hahaha

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