Spanish Ska

Dear Reader,

As mentioned here, I had the pleasure of traveling into Spanish speaking territory. And I had the pleasure to party – when did this become a verb? – with youngsters. And at one of those parties, in the early morning hours I played Madness. Two guys went nuts on the dance floor first, and then asked: “Do you like Ska?” What a question. Diablog readers know, Glynsky and I love Ska.

Then they surprised me with Spanish Ska. I wonder, whether Glynsky knows this:

The band name, Ska-P, is wordplay for escape as well as Ska – Punk. Supposedly, they are big in Latin and South America.

Stay tuned,

Engine Room

2 thoughts on “Spanish Ska

  1. I can see why they are big in south America etc.
    Looking at them they could be Norwegian!
    Music’s a bit of a lark, but don’t reckon I could stand an evening of it.

  2. Jeeze, that’s me when I am around someone and filled with adrenaline. Ark!
    I don’t like how I am, I mean I do, its complicated, but when its just me it works.
    How are you today anyway?
    xXx have a lovely evening xXx

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