just to clarify…

Dear diablog,

I first apologise for my protracted silence but this is due to too much pressure on the Glynsky brain –  which can only, now, process one piece of information at a time. I am doing my best to catch up but ‘stuff’ keeps getting in the way and I regret that diablog has suffered (??) my absence. I promise to do better next week!

Add to ‘stuff’ an interest in developments on  ‘Brexit’  – ever confusing to the ‘non aligned’ – things get ever more complicated for a simpleton like me.

One of our correspondents – I think Christina


is doing their best to help us all through the conundrum and has sent the following.

I hope it helps to shed light on this contorted subject.

All is clearer now,

Yours, diablog, voting with me feet


6 thoughts on “just to clarify…

  1. Has anyone here ever thought that the planets are aligned like the structures of atoms we study.

    Casper X

  2. Glad you agree. Project Fear is all the things that COULD go wrong – but we don’t know.
    Brexit Ltd worries about immigration and sovereignty – neither of which are the real point.

  3. Information are the tools needed for understanding. But with how varied we are as a specie, the fundamental ideas are left to interpretation; this should not be an option but it works for the time being. Over population is a worry if it cannot be fathomed by the people that run the state, sovereignty such as religion is in my opinion need too for the time being. Not only do we need to calm some extremes – i.e books only work for some. But some stability for the time being will give many some piece of mind for the short time people have in this world. Do one thing at a time or you will send the world into shock. I say that is worse than fear.
    But then again the UK may be ready for such a change and they know that returning from such a decision isn’t easy.
    I don’t vote, nobody has bribed me yet ;) haha..

  4. Still no clear message for the non-thinking masses to latch onto and get them out to vote. I’m voting with my feet too! Just hope enough do the same…

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