and happy chockys to all…

Dear diablog,

Expand the belt, get out the Prosecco and open the eggs –

happy easter

to all of us, readers and commentators.

Yours, diablog, open mouthed


7 Replies to “and happy chockys to all…”

  1. Thank You Glynsky :-)
    Keeping away chockys for the time being. Having a rabbit is a much better idea; they are such a delight to play with :-!!

  2. What happened to the date with the guy, with whom you wanted to make babies with ?
    In Lithuania. No chocolate eggs or bunnies. Just real home made food and hand painted eggs. A great day !!!

  3. I didn’t pursue it with him or him I, who knows lol I certainly didn’t.
    Enjoy your time at home having fun and enjoying the family.

    Happy for you Smiles!♡.♡

  4. Lol.
    I am laughing because I know myself and I know rabbit. I just cant eat anymore sorry but for next time;
    – ginger syrup and carrots sounds juicy.
    Do you know how to make syrup Druid?

    Casper X

  5. I cant bare to think of someone else eating MY food. When I put in so much time and hoped it would top of Easter but I am too full. Anymore and I might go into shock. Everything I can do with ease but I have no control with this sorry.
    Please enjoy though; a good menu life has plenty to offer :-)

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