Blues of Desperation

Blues of Desperation

Just out a couple of days ago and fresh onto my stereo.
I’m a big blues fan and a huge Bonamassa fan, since he introduced me to his version of the blues. For those who aren’t familiar, he crosses the boundaries from blues to rock in his unique fashion.

Les Paul 1955 - The Cajun

He collects guitars like Glynsky collects cars, except he has far more! This is one of his favorites, a 1955 Les Paul. Seen a few gigs this one and sounds just brilliant.

Les Paul 1955

Wish I had a fraction of his talent.

For those of you who haven’t tasted Joe’s stuff, I can’t include a clip as it’s too soon, but this album comes highly recommended from your resident drag queen.

7 thoughts on “Blues of Desperation

  1. I am sure when he gets this right, he will move on to his next obsession of fixing those guitars- HAVE YOU SEEN THE SCRATCHES ON THAT ONE!

  2. Just watched Joe Bonamassa singing ‘Just got paid’ live, wow.
    Now that is good music, not to be confused with Glynsky’s music to sleep to.

    As I’ve got older I like my music with a bit of attitude, go Joe.

  3. Noted-
    Such lady hips, have all the men squeeking in the crowd xXx

    I want to give him everything! Including ti ti titties lol

    Casper X

  4. Casper darling, the instrument is 60 years old, there would be a few scratches on it. Believe it or not they actually sell them new like this. People want that used look. Bit like me!

    Druid, was that your 1st take on Joe, or are you familiar? That’s from him live at the Albert Hall, but also on the album Come and Join The Joe Bonamassa Group. His first stage appearance was to front for BB King when he was only 12. That was 28 years ago and since then he has gone from strength to strength with the support and mentoring of his manager and musical guru Kevin Shirley.

    His work ethic is great, bringing out another album at least every year and touring all the time. Last here this month and in Bournemouth on the 19th March. He has done some fab albums, which you should check out and some together with Beth Hart. If you don’t know her, go buy “Don’t Explain”; her raw country stile compliments his guitar brilliantly. This new album (number 17), is all original stuff and vies away from a lot in stile, from his previous ones. He teamed up with a bunch of blues – rock scientists and sort of jammed this together. It was done in a one take session and then over mixed by Shirley. If you like attitude, then this man is for you. As he says, this one is best served loud and with wine spodie – odie…

    I have a guitar passion and since taking up electric late on in life it has taken me places I only dreamed about before. Playing the blues is my thing, but can’t keep up with Joe that often!

    By the way, I’m not on commission!!

  5. I am drui eyed for your smile Pips, over the glynn moors we shall pete pata together.

    That guitar still looks gay! Love ya!

    Casper X

  6. Yes, 1st take on Joe, but won’t be the last.
    I played a sample of some of the tracks on the new album, excellent, my kind of musician.
    Going into Amazon to find the music.

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