a good one for my mood today…

Dear diablog,

From time to time I get – even by my own standards – far too sentimental.

By means too convoluted to explain here I stumbled across this version of a song that has for ages been ‘out there somewhere’ in my version of consciousness and just had to get it.

I thought I would share it with you as I have just bought it for the juke – I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Those were the days – Teddy Boys, Doo Wop and silly dancing.

Yours, diablog, hummin’ along


10 thoughts on “a good one for my mood today…

  1. I loved it!
    I am not happy that you have my heart; now my underwear, attention, time…perky breasts. I seem to be the only one doing the riding in this relationship, while all you do is pull me in closer.
    Unfair wouldn’t you say?
    I am fully conscious, that you will now be erect for the rest of the day ol man.

    Casper X

  2. Not really my taste I’m afraid this is music to fall asleep to.
    I assume your jukebox is very 50’s, early 60’s orientated.

  3. They always are!!!
    True Druid, I am into that but, as you know from other posts, right up to date as well (I hope!!!).

  4. Haha.

    Sat defensively Nancy awkwardly shifted her right leg outwards to imp’ly show her inner thigh to him.
    Don’t be a Nancy, open up and get in there.
    I like short skirts!♡.♡

  5. Always been keen on the silly dancing! Jive beats most other stuff whether the music is modern or 50’s. Up close and contact. None of this dancing round the handbag stuff. That track is a smidgen too slow though. Still it might suit the likes of G & C, their love affair appears to be blooming. “Blooming what” G might say!!

    Druid – back onto Joe, let me recommend to you his album “Blues Delux”. Not a recent one, but definitely a favourite of mine and I’m sure it’s one for you.

    • Glynsky is a bundle of joy to be around, and I will be hosting him for dinner as soon as possible.
      I am always open to his intake, as he always fills me up with laughter.


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