Wrong clue for Kew

Dear Reader,

While Glynsky recommends a certain concert at Kew Gardens here, I think he missed the point. Or better, he missed two points.

The first he missed is Simply Red,, on the 12th of July. How could he?

But more importantly, he missed these wonderful sisters plus their brother:

I was lucky enough to see The Coors live sometime in the early 2000s. It was a lovely concert with great music, a wonderful atmosphere and time just flew by.

The Coors are playing at Kews on the 16th of July.

If you are around, go and see and listen to them.

Nothing beats live music,

Engine Room


think – summer!…

Dear diablog,

I spent yesterday in the garden watching all the plants do their thing ready for the coming season and my thoughts turned to Pimms, G+T, Bar B Q’s, Pizza in the garden and – happy music.

As you well know I am a great fan of the Kew Music Festival  – and guess who’s there again this year!

Yep, The Gypsy Kings – my favourite latino warblers of all time. Last year I went with Engine Room to listen to Caro Emerald (wonder if he would like to go again this year??) but the Kings!!? – drop everything and do it!! Can only hope that the possible leave date for hols with daughter and family can be postponed by one day. Please, please!

Unusually for me I  post my favourite song of theirs first – simply ‘cos I couldn’t find film of them doing it live. Mind you, Marquess do it well and it has the right ‘sunny’ feel to it – El  Porompompero

lifts the heart and soul. Can’t wait.

The next 2 are still in my favourites and filmed at Kenwood House. Before going to Kew Mme and I supported their concerts yearly, til that miserable git not missed by anyone Warren Mitchell (who’s main role as a racist bigot suited his grim mindset perfectly) complained about the noise because it curdled his cocoa and they stopped all concerts. Pratt.


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beauty at the 96…

Dear diablog,

As I warned there will be a cessation on 96 meet posts for a couple of months as they have had, for various reasons, to cancel the March and April ones.

However, I don’t think I have featured this very pretty repro Jaguar C type before


which was to be found in January on a very cold day!


but looked brilliant from any angle



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The cutest way to say the f-word

Dear Reader,

At least in NY the f-word is now considered to be a normal word. Many NYers consider the following a complete and understandable sentence:

What the fuck, you fucking fuck of a fuck?

Usually I avoid the f-word. But this GIF is too cute:


Did you ever go cross-eyed being surprised you got the f-word right?

Stay amused,

Engine Room


Amateur night

Dear Reader,

If you come to NY, please come prepared. The reason I am asking you, kindly, is what I call an amateur night.

I had visitors. From out of town. Big eyes. Big mouth. “Show us The City. We can take it.”

So, we started the night at McSorley’s, with a few beers. Side note, McSorley’s has the most beautiful Irish women in town. Just beware of their brothers. And it is the oldest Irish tavern here.

On to a few Bass Ales. I know, you English pretty much gave up on it. I still love it. Next, a few Brooklyn Lager. There is a reason you come to NY. Have the local brew. And then I needed something stronger.

So I ordered a few Singleton. My company skipped that, I had them all. Next up, The Balvenie. Again, I had to drink that one alone. That’s when I asked my guests: “Why don’t you take advantage of your hotel rooms?”

They accepted quickly and gladly. Which left me with a bottle of Barbera D’ Alba. All by myself. Life is good.

If you come to NY, I beg you, come prepared. No amateurs, please. This is a professional town.

Stay tuned,

Engine Room


just to clarify…

Dear diablog,

I first apologise for my protracted silence but this is due to too much pressure on the Glynsky brain –  which can only, now, process one piece of information at a time. I am doing my best to catch up but ‘stuff’ keeps getting in the way and I regret that diablog has suffered (??) my absence. I promise to do better next week!

Add to ‘stuff’ an interest in developments on  ‘Brexit’  – ever confusing to the ‘non aligned’ – things get ever more complicated for a simpleton like me.

One of our correspondents – I think Christina


is doing their best to help us all through the conundrum and has sent the following.

I hope it helps to shed light on this contorted subject.

All is clearer now,

Yours, diablog, voting with me feet



Media sites deliver herpes

Dear Reader,

The headline isn’t complete. It should continue with ‘or the online equivalent’.

So far I have criticized websites for their advertising at least twice on diablog, once here and once here. On both occasions I recommended you install an advertising blocker, for example ublock.

Now, there are people like Glynsky, who say “I don’t mind a little bit of advertising”. Fine.

And how do you feel about an internet ad infecting your PC with maleware?

As reported by TrendLabs here and MalewareBytes here some websites delivered maleware infected advertising to their visitors. That is the equivalent to giving you herpes. And which websites did this? Here is a list from MaleWareBytes (emphasis mine):

Now I did not expect anything from MSN, short for MicroSoft Network. And AOL stinks since its founding.

But a special thanks goes to the BBC. Using taxpayer money, yet being greedy and showing ads on top. Because you can never get enough, can you? And those ads infect PCs with maleware. What a bunch of shmocks!

Please, install an adblocker. As in right now.

Stay sane,

Engine Room