To brexit or not to brexit?

Dear Reader,

After a weekend of code reading – three other websites got hacked and needed cleaning – I almost had it with the internet. When I got back to the fun part of life, I noticed a dozen SPAM comments on diablog. And unfortunately one of Philippa’s


got caught in there as a false positive. Sorry for that, Philippa, your comment is up now here.

Prior to that, Glynsky and I were debating again. We just love it. Not that it changes much, or anything at all. It is fun, an intellectual exercise. This time the topics were:

  1. Great cars, we agreed mostly.
  2. The potential Brexit, we did not agree at all.

Now, the POTUS, aka Barak Obama, already collected negative points, when he “meddled with British affairs”. His advice was, do not leave the EU. More about the reasons later.

I do not really care that much, whether you will leave the EU, or not. But Glynsky asked for my opinion. And maybe I can add some food for thought from the outside.

Update: Before we get serious, here is an amusing piece (Monty Python says hi):

Let me start with the positive implications of a Brexit:


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Amazing times

Dear Reader,

Do you feel like you are living in exciting times?

If you are a bit older, if you can remember the days prior to fax machines, you must agree. In this interesting article here, a professor of Artificial Intelligence, AI, puts it nicely:

If you went back and you said to an early thinker about AI, 50 or 60 years ago, “You’re going to have with you at all times a device, and essentially it can answer any question that you’d like to answer across a huge range of topics; it can understand your voice and provide a view on any place in the world, tell you how to get from point A to point B”—if you explained in the abstract what your smartphone is capable of doing via Google and various kinds of mapping tools and Siri—I think that person would say, “That’s AI.”

The smart guy also mentions the risks involved:

One thing I do worry about is that I think we’re on the cusp of having the ability (with machine learning and AI) to synthesize media to create something that’s very difficult to distinguish from the real thing. These are very dangerous tools to have in a society that depends increasingly on things like video to represent truth.

And for exactly that reason I dislike (near-) monopolies as much as too mach data in the hands of government (agencies).

Stay curious,

Engine Room


English, bend over a bit more

Dear Reader,

When it comes to surveillance and spying on normal people. the USA and the NSA take center stage. Largely, because we are bigger, Snowden was part of the NSA, and lately some American internet/software companies starting fighting the surveillance state a bit. All that keeps us in the news.

Mostly ignored is, that the British GCHQ is far worse than the NSA and that the English government is far ahead, when it comes to creating the perfect surveillance state.

Point in case, the latest law initiative, as reported by ZDNet here:

UK surveillance bill will force tech companies to disclose new products before they launch
The government will force companies operating in the UK to declare “products and services in advance of their launch” to ensure police can still intercept data.

I said it before, my image of England and the English has changed drastically over the last five years.

What happened to magna carta? You gave up all your freedoms. What happened to “my home is my castle”, to friendly and polite and unarmed bobbies? It seems, the Nazis lost World War II, but fascism won it in England.

Your government fucks you over and you don’t seem to care about it at all. Instead you bend over a bit more, while dreaming of some old glory days and think you would do better outside the EU. As if anybody in the world would care about doing more business with you then.

If the above mentioned bill passes, you will lose all the American IT companies. Or do you honestly think, Apple, Google, Facebook, et al. will give their trade secrets to your government? Do you think, the UK with its mere 64 million people will get, what China with its 1.4 billion could not get?

From the outside it looks, you are adamant to ruin your country.

Puzzled and slightly worried,

Engine Room

Are you font of recognizable design?

Dear Reader,

Before anyone, like our proof reader Smiles


points out the typo in the headline – font instead of fond, it is there on purpose.

Because this post is about fonts. Or better about very recognizable fonts.

This website,, has put together a collection of movie poster fonts, which pretty much everybody will recognize immediately.

Like this one:



or this one:



or this one:


If you want to set up your own webpage, create a fan page, or a parody, you can grab them and play with it.

For diablog one could consider this font:


since our dear Glynsky resembles the terminator. Not in strength, but … uhm … beauty.

Stay tuned,

Engine Room