and who’s our choice April Fool?…

Dear diablog,

Its that time of year again and who does the IHQ vote as the biggest April Fool?

It is notable that one European nation has given us tumultuously crazy despotic leaders in recent history – what is it about them that this keeps happening? They range from


to the beloved Adolph


and beyond to our lifetime’s greatest.



who ‘stars’ in all the best movies…



shafts all the nicest countries


surrounds herself with very astute people


who, apparently, are “sick and tired” of hearing about British complaints about Europe and join her in inviting hundreds of thousands to risk all in the erroneous belief that there will be a


-if they manage to make it. And now Europe has to pay to keep them all in Greece? Oh really? Just suppose if the Greeks get pissy and give them all willy nilly a European passport ‘cos they can’t cope: who would/could blame them! And then what???

And they wonder why Brexit looks ever more likely?

Only a month and a half to go diablog.

Yours as a cheer leader,


13 thoughts on “and who’s our choice April Fool?…

  1. As the great prophet Justin Bieber once said:

    “You are my love, you are my heart
    And we will never ever ever be apart”

    “Are we an item? Boy, quit playing
    We’re just friends, what are you saying?”

    “And I was like…
    Baby, baby, baby oh
    Like baby, baby, baby no”

    Casper X

    1. Later turned economist/philosopher Justin Bieber stated about economics:

      “What do you mean?
      You’re so indecisive of what I’m saying
      Trying to catch the beat, make up your heart
      Don’t know if you’re happy or complaining
      Don’t want for us to end
      Where do I start
      First you wanna go to the left and you want to turn right”

      Casper X

  2. Well – as a fellow European, born and bread of Latin stock like you, I’m skipping along there with you in my mini outfit and fluffy pom poms. Roll on Brexit.

    1. Sexy sexy – I approve on the mini(everything).
      I am actually curious to the outcome of the JuneR

      Casper X

  3. I hope that Britain stays in otherwise I will have to get an Austrian or Lithuanian Passport. I love being European and spending my Euros.

  4. If you had to. I think you would get laid more if you said you were Austrian than Lithuanian.
    I say I am from NASA all the time!
    “landing on your moon”
    “blast off”
    “shuttle landing”
    “space cock”
    “dick Armstrong”
    “global sexitioning”
    “Martian attack; bend over Quick!”
    Etc etc
    Always works

    Casper X

    1. E.g

      “yes I know dick Armstrong, lets use GPRsex to find out where there’s a landing on your moon, oh blast off, my space cock has is ready for a shuttle landing on your arse, oh wait a Martian; bend over quick! This is global sexitioning at its best babe…”

      I could go on lol

  5. Yo-
    Someone comment something funny on ER’s serious post above this one. I don’t want to be the first one. He is a serious fella and I am always pushing his buttons.

  6. Lets play a game;

    You choose a word that I must use everytime I comment next week which I must somehow warp for it to make perfect sense with what’s being said?

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