Sunday Morning Classic

Dear Reader,

At diablog we play a lot of music, and from various genres. With one exception, there are not too many pieces of classical music.

In ‘meat space’, aka offline, I like to start my Sunday mornings with classical music. Usually I have a glass of orange juice, a glass of pineapple juice, my first cup of espresso, the first cigarette, all in peace. And along I listen to classical music.

One of my favorites for that is the overture of Mozart’s Le nozze de Figaro, as mentioned here. Granted, it is a very popular piece, but I have it with a twist sometimes. There is an arrangement out there just for wind instruments. Similar to this one:

Sorry, the quality isn’t very good. But you’ll get the idea.

Have a sunny, relaxed, peaceful Sunday,

Engine Room

7 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Classic

  1. A very tough critic you are ER.
    But you have a tasty morning routine with many healthy juices. Yum yum.
    I will again revise this version later on with fresh ears. I was slowly getting into it all, though my focus is non existent, I find myself frequently unable.

    On another note: to my sweet sweet Glynsky whom I love so much get better soon, rest and be careful!

    Casper X

  2. Healthy juices depend on whether they are freshly squeezed and not some coloured water called juice of the supermarket rack.
    Knowing ER. I am sure that he buys only the best.
    Cannot accept the cigarette at any time of the day. It is his life !!

  3. I don’t think he meant cordial but he wasn’t specific.
    Most smokers quit in stages, with the new vapours it offers an alternative from the worst of chemicals, though it is a nicotine addiction and unapproved so must be careful.

  4. An excellent way to start the day ER, I too enjoy classical music at the start of the day. Helps you relax and sets you up for the mayhem that follows.
    I did enjoy the woodwind version rather than the strings, more like that please.

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