a hole in one…

Dear diablog,

I love Historic and Classic cars, go to meets and race meetings.

All of them have risk attached – that’s half the fun – and a lot happened at the recent Members Day at Goodwood where the Glynsky grandchildren went for the day. It  included a, much to Engine Room’s chagrin, Cobra ‘episode’

followed by much much more!

Please study this map of the Goodwood Circuit closely…




If you look carefully to the left of ‘Gate 1’ you will notice an extension of the footpaths (shown in white) and marked ‘Pedestrian Tunnel’ which is the only access from the ‘outer circuit’ area to the ‘inner circuit’ area available during racing. It is open throughout any meeting and during, say, the Goodwood Revival is pretty much rammed with  people going in and out all day. Hundreds of them.

Now watch this – from the Members race meeting!

Straight into the tunnel – and they say motor racing is dangerous: watching is as much! Thank heavens being early in the season there were few near the Tunnel let alone in it – and the driver was removed from the wreckage with only a broken collar bone – done whilst they cut him out!!!

Yours, diablog, thanking chance for a decent effort


2 thoughts on “a hole in one…

  1. Real cars racing, brilliant.
    It always amazes me that cars worth a lot of money are raced at the limit by their owners. Thank goodness for these guys as we wouldn’t get the opportunity to see them racing.

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