English, bend over a bit more

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When it comes to surveillance and spying on normal people. the USA and the NSA take center stage. Largely, because we are bigger, Snowden was part of the NSA, and lately some American internet/software companies starting fighting the surveillance state a bit. All that keeps us in the news.

Mostly ignored is, that the British GCHQ is far worse than the NSA and that the English government is far ahead, when it comes to creating the perfect surveillance state.

Point in case, the latest law initiative, as reported by ZDNet here:

UK surveillance bill will force tech companies to disclose new products before they launch
The government will force companies operating in the UK to declare “products and services in advance of their launch” to ensure police can still intercept data.

I said it before, my image of England and the English has changed drastically over the last five years.

What happened to magna carta? You gave up all your freedoms. What happened to “my home is my castle”, to friendly and polite and unarmed bobbies? It seems, the Nazis lost World War II, but fascism won it in England.

Your government fucks you over and you don’t seem to care about it at all. Instead you bend over a bit more, while dreaming of some old glory days and think you would do better outside the EU. As if anybody in the world would care about doing more business with you then.

If the above mentioned bill passes, you will lose all the American IT companies. Or do you honestly think, Apple, Google, Facebook, et al. will give their trade secrets to your government? Do you think, the UK with its mere 64 million people will get, what China with its 1.4 billion could not get?

From the outside it looks, you are adamant to ruin your country.

Puzzled and slightly worried,

Engine Room

6 thoughts on “English, bend over a bit more

  1. Pro EU def.
    I think some people think that this is some kind of joke. And clearly spent >year partying.
    Don’t say I didn’t tell you.
    Now off for a bath and finally some peace of mind.
    Have a good weekend.

    Casper X

  2. Enjoy your bath Casper. Do n’t make too many bubbles :-)
    I will have a peaceful weekend at home with Mrs Smiles and Amicus. I just spent 14 hours travelling from Uzbekistan, where the weather was wonderful. Arrived in rainy Vilnius and it was even snowing this morning.

  3. Thanks Smiles,no bubbles, keeping it simple with the bath.
    Awww sounds nice :-)
    As long as I don’t see your tan line when you bend over all is well lol. Snow, rain, sun we all know you’re a happy chap, don’t act like your not so that Amicus will lick your face hehe

    Casper X

  4. Not sure what we can do about being “fucked over”! No dreaming going on here and I’m sure most people have no old country illusions. Unless at least 100000 people get a partition up to Parliament, they won’t take any notice. No fascism, just reliance or our democratically elected MPs to make the decisions. Mind you, what is democracy and does it really work? Still better than the options for us in the west though. Can’t say the same for the middle east however.
    Nice to know we are so ahead of the US in security surveillance though, I thought we were. Roll on Brexit!

  5. It’s been. lets get on to making the right votes. Not looking to be chased for mine, I’ll be there quick time. Good Luck Philippa

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