17 thoughts on “Resounding at the Engine Room right now

  1. I thought I cared about my eyes but the obvious as any optician would say I that I do not. Oops!

  2. With me ignoring my eyes one ask for so long I am surprised they have not given up. Lucky me I can see clearly.

  3. Sorry very busy in May.
    I must go to Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Scotland and then to Florida on holiday.
    In between trips I need to go to Vilnius to see Mrs Smiles and Amicus.
    Don’t worry, we are all a little mad, contributing and commenting to a diablog, where one of the owners has done a runner.

  4. That is true, crazy, with time it is harder to rationalize what I cannot see or touch.
    How exciting, enjoy the holiday!
    No worries about May, but make it soon.

    Casper X

  5. I too am a business man. Does the idea for individual shoes for toes sound appealing to you Smiles? I will do you a ‘mates rate’ offer. Trust me, they are the next big thing, I can just feel it, and have invested all my savings xXx

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