Amazing times

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Do you feel like you are living in exciting times?

If you are a bit older, if you can remember the days prior to fax machines, you must agree. In this interesting article here, a professor of Artificial Intelligence, AI, puts it nicely:

If you went back and you said to an early thinker about AI, 50 or 60 years ago, “You’re going to have with you at all times a device, and essentially it can answer any question that you’d like to answer across a huge range of topics; it can understand your voice and provide a view on any place in the world, tell you how to get from point A to point B”—if you explained in the abstract what your smartphone is capable of doing via Google and various kinds of mapping tools and Siri—I think that person would say, “That’s AI.”

The smart guy also mentions the risks involved:

One thing I do worry about is that I think we’re on the cusp of having the ability (with machine learning and AI) to synthesize media to create something that’s very difficult to distinguish from the real thing. These are very dangerous tools to have in a society that depends increasingly on things like video to represent truth.

And for exactly that reason I dislike (near-) monopolies as much as too mach data in the hands of government (agencies).

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3 Replies to “Amazing times”

  1. Hmmm interesting post. Though we try to recreate intelligent machines to be like us, which reassures us, wouldn’t the obvious thing to do is reprogramme itself so that it is nothing like a human.
    Saying that, I enjoy the idea that AI it could bring advances that would be ahead of out time.
    Torn about my opinion on this.madness perhaps we will see.

    Casper X

  2. It’s the distinguishing from the real thing that concerns me. Is that what is happening with all these child murderers? Do they view stuff and think it’s actually
    I agree Casper, that would be sensible, only there are always going to be those who don’t want to keep others safe. They want it to be real.
    OK to replicate because people won’t die or suffer, cause they don’t in the movie! I’m beginning to think this is happening around us now. One of these child killers said she thought you could only die from cancer or similar, beating someone senseless for 8 hours wouldn’t have any bearing on this. Where is youth going if they can’t tell what the consequences will be? Very scary future looming!!

  3. That is of concern Philippa, and a good issue to be raised. For machines they will have the knowledge to know the difference but that is not to say they would act otherwise because after all they have the data we all have, they will know the consequences fully, it just if they will compute them correctly or to what they gather is correct. Some humans still rationalise oddly in that they are confined with a certain thinking that will not allow the cells to connect properly always bypassing to achieve a cyclic thinking style.
    I would not suggest you put your trust in AI if these are your thoughts, let them be the responsibility of other creators.
    Sorry, I can’t soothe your worry. It happens to be mine too.
    The question is if you better find it that we can advance more with AI or create a different type of chaos..seems less likely but this isnt a movie, scientist are in creation mode.

    Casper X

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