So the Germans produce bum vehicles do they?

Everyone knows that in advertising the competition is very fierce;
so the Germans came up with an ad for German autos…

German Auto Add

The French auto makers: Citroen, Renault, and Peugeot soon replied
with their own ad campaign!



6 thoughts on “So the Germans produce bum vehicles do they?

  1. Jeeze we have been through alot and it is not even half way through the year yet. Hopefully it will be more manageable for the rest of the year. We can do this! X keep going guys and gals and stay awesome X

  2. Do you think the brain talks to itself?
    I had a very interesting dream that seemed that way: Instructions were given in a visual way.
    I faced a situation and then faced the same situation with something off – then ‘someone I trusted’ told me to make the long trip around stopping at certain points
    It would be quicker
    Note that I was running through a recognized map. Fascinating.
    Now I cant sleep trying to analyse it. Juicy juicy X

    Oh yeah and in the dream it mentioned something about, Smiles stop drooling, its only me ;-) … Hahaha

  3. Smiles does not drool as his dog does this for him.
    Greetings from Sofia.
    Yesterday in the restaurant a friend dropped his glass of mastika (anis drink). It bounced on the table and landed on my jacket on free chair.
    I hope that the hotel laundry is working today ☺

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