Dear Reader,

Not to worry, nothing is really urgent. Except for us at DiaBlog getting back to normal life. If there is such a thing. Similar to Glynsky, my life was turned upside down for a while

First I went on a nice road trip. Which turned out to be longer than planed.

Then servers needed security updates. Along come WordPress updates. Then my laptop power cable goes to heaven. Who said working with hardware and software is fun?

By the way, a big thank you to all developers and maintainers of free open source software. All updates went smoothly, no problems, no glitches. You, dear reader, probably did not even notice anything.

And in the middle of all this comes a moving. Shlepping boxes and furniture, I desperately wanted to go back to hard- and software problems. I am too old for physical labor. Or too lazy. Or both.

All the time the only real urgent thing was posting on DiaBlog.

So, here we are, back, with Foreigner and urgent:

Stay tuned,

Engine Room

carz r me…

Dear diablog,

I do apologise for the erratic postings of late – it is likely to go on for a couple more weeks.

Last week we looked at a Porsche 917. So ok, if I am completely honest the sexiest EVER racers were the Ferrari P series of which the 250LM is, bodywise, the Sophia Loren of all cars


with a bum to beat all bums


with, in 2nd place, choose either P3 or P4



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make mine macadamia…

Dear diablog,

Engine Room always looks cool – he thinks! Me, on the other hand, an unrepentant slob needing a haircut.

Some people, though, find being eye catching to be easy


Yours, diablog, in the shell


thar she goes….

Dear diablog,

I am constantly accused of only writing of Italian cars – how unfair.

Some things are truly GREAT and the Porsche 917 is right up there, for a lot of reasons.

As a ‘warm up’ for a couple of racing posts, how about this. Quality always shines through and the engineering for the 917 screams (literally) all that and more.

I too have gone through the anxiety of the first start after a rebuild and used gallons of Bradex (will start anything provided you can afford it!) but into 12 cylinders. Wow – I wonder how many cans they used.

That I could be so faultless after 30 years in retirement!!

Yours, diablog, firin’ up


WHERE did you put the gerbil?…

Dear diablog,

I apologise to any reader who may find themselves offended by this post – though I am not really sure that I care!!

It would appear that news reading is a very risky business, according to Michaela


and Christina


who both love a bit of ‘risky business’ from time to time and joined forces for a threesome to lend a hand to any one who needed it in the IHQ.

Whatever those furry little devils got up to it couldn’t beat this!

Yours, diablog, buttocks clenched


2nd living room abroad

Dear Reader,

With limit living space in NY and a general preference for going out – instead of being homely – comes something I call 2nd living room. And I have more than a few of those.

During a visit to London, where Glynsky showed me around, I found one spot, that would become my 2nd living room. If I lived in the area, of course.

The area in question is Maida Vale. The atmosphere resembles Gramercy, one of my favorite residential areas in Manhattan. Glynsky showed me Little Venice, part of Maida Vale first. And then we looked for a place to have lunch.

When passing this place:


I noticed a sign: Cash Only. And I said: We have to go there.

Glynsky asked why, and I explained. If today a place can afford to kiss good bye to all credit card business, it must be worth visiting. From the top of my head I know only one place in NYC, that does, and that is the world’s best steak house, Peter Luger.

So we went there, and this is what we found:

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