a tribute…

Dear diablog,

One of the reasons for the long Glynsky silence has been the losing battle for life being fought by Malcolm –  aka Doctor Death and The Blind Dentist – a long standing and dear friend of Glynsky and his coterie of friends. He passed a couple of days ago and his funeral is on Wednesday.

Without knowing him in person you are all aware of him – he is the one on the left of our heading photo. He, and Richard (on the right) were pictured by Pete at a Glynsky party.

He was a lovely man, best described by someone else as being irritatingly lovable. A Gooner, a confidant, a supporter if you needed it, opinionated, maddening, lazy, funny, ate ‘anything that could hang its head over a farm gate’ and all round caring guy.

Glynsky et al salute a lovely human being who affected everyone who came into contact with him.

We shall all miss him.


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  1. My thoughts are with you Glynsky during this conflicted time and wish you a contented goodbye, may you find ease.

    Casper X

  2. It’s not been a good year for you, with two of your friends leaving the scene. More prevalent at our time of life unfortunately. All the best to all concerned.

  3. It took me a while to update our Q&A page accordingly, that’s how sad this is.
    We lost a brave man, a great mind, and a real mensch.
    Lost for words,

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