skools out for summer…

Dear diablog,

I signed off the last post ‘a la Milanese’ – this one is a surprise ‘al Sugo’!

My thanks to Carlo for sending us this delight for children at school lunch in Great Missenden. As ads go it is very very good – and even better (and may I say uplifting) are the amazed expressions on the children’s faces  as the story unfolds. Enchantingly natural.

Well done Sacla – loved it.

Yours, diablog, a baritone


6 thoughts on “skools out for summer…

  1. You are so cute X I am too!
    You can come over and watch me eat spaghetti any day, I will even let you hand me the napkin X

  2. Glynsky I forgot to mention. Make sure you have eaten before you come to watch, I don’t want to guilty eat. I always eat fast and get indigestion.

  3. After this comment – the last three posts will have 666 as comments numbers! Spookyyyyyyyyyyyy
    Smiles the rascal! dont you dare comment after this one!

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