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First I thought, Philippa’s recent post here, was a satire. Unfortunately, it isn’t funny, not even remotely.

My next thought was, to ignore it. Because it is UKIP propaganda by a Russian wanna-be politician. Read the Wikipedia article on Bukovsky.

Unfortunately, the video wasn’t marked as UKIP propaganda, so I thought a comment would be appropriate.

But then, diablog is among other things about debate. And out of respect, here are some corrections of the most blatant lies in that video.

1. EU politicians are not “appointed by each other”. They are appointed by your elected national governments. If you have shmocks there, blame the government you elected, not the EU.

2. To gain EU membership, a country has to apply. By the way, the UK was rejected the first time through a veto from France. That isn’t “created by coercion”.

3. The EU does not want you to “give up your national identity” or “suppress your national feelings”. If such things exist at all. The UK isn’t a nation state, neither is France,¬† nor Spain, nor Italy, nor Germany. To mention just a few. The EU actually fosters diversity and protects minorities. Just ask the Belgians, Sorbs, Welsh, Scots, Basques, and other minorities within Europe. Feel free to educate yourself here. It seems needed.

Now let’s get to the most blatant lie.

The English voted on EEC (predecessor of the EU) membership in a referendum in 1975. Feel free to read about it here.

If Bukovsky did not know, you should, Philippa. I guess you were around then and maybe even allowed to vote.

Although not paying its full share, the UK has been a full member of the EU with full voting rights. If your elected (!) politicians send  incompetent and/or incapable people to Bruxelles, blame them or yourself, not the EU.

By the way, blaming the EU for everything that might be wrong in your country, has been the only European politics of the UK governments of late. For example, since the 1950s the UK regularly promotes immigration. And then blames the EU for problems with immigrants. What a bad joke that is. Almost as bad as blaming the European Constitution on Human Rights, which was written mostly be English legal experts and judges. That is beyond stupid.

I could not care less, whether or not the UK leaves the EU. But that video is way below the level of Trump, Berlusconi and other shmocks. Or as Glynsky calls them buffoons. It certainly is below the standard of diablog.

Stay sane,

Engine Room

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  1. It makes me reevaluate the person that posted it and all they have posted. How toxic it is to blindly adhere to extremes and hate and presume that you are correct. That way of thinking is so delusional I do not want to be associated with the person in anyway.

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