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Dear diablog,

The Brexit Express is heading for the station and, sadly, the vote gets closer. Sadly because I enjoy more and more the utter bollocks being talked about as ‘being relevant’ and in particular the load of tosh from the Stay side – amply illustrated by Engine Room here.

So, it is getting very close to decision time  and –

I had intended to write a series of 3 posts – one for in, one for out and one to compare and balance my OUT, OUT, OUT.

What the EC has become is not what we voted for in 1975. Free trade area YES, political union NO – never.

On reflection, however, I decided it was pointless. Who cares what I think? Who reads diablog that it might change their mind? The world around me is full of wanker breast beating touchy feely arseholes who couldn’t decide whether to pull out a splinter from their thumb in case it infringed the Rights of Thorns.

Maybe it is me who is the wanker. Maybe using a whistle in the school playground is ‘aggressive’, maybe the gagging of freedom of opinion in British universities is a good thing, maybe the USA isn’t (politically) a shit hole of a nation populated by ignorant warmongers – maybe I should learn to love my fellow man.

Naaah – they stink, I’ll stick to women.

So, what to do. I feel I must write something but there’s too much to say.

Pictures speak a thousand words so any one who wants In…



…has their head in a dark place

up yours

Stick with it Glynsky, just give them a bunch of unrelated opinions/conclusions and get it off your chest.

  1. Fact: The European Union is tottering and probably doomed,  so get out now and save time and money. Schengen is collapsing, the EC economy is the world’s most sluggish (oh, forgot Eritrea), the Euro doesn’t work, all the nations are in thrall to (as opposed to challenging) the US, and the internal tensions caused by later applicants are ripping it open. Worse still, thanks to Blair and Bush, it is under siege. It has become overblown, sluggish, uninspiring and, in certain areas, ineffective. THERE IS NO ADVANTAGE – REPEAT ADVANTAGE (as opposed to reason) – to staying in bar that it has achieved 70+ years of no Western European war, I think the longest time EVER.
  2. I honestly, and sadly, believe that Brexit is but an illusion. We will waste our only (last??) chance to actually do something about an overblown, wasteful, arrogant Franco German vanity – which we all know in our heart of hearts cannot be changed from either within or without.
  3. We will stay because the under 50’s (the flaky generation) have no understanding of what the EU has done/is doing to their lives –
  4. Not wanting to know –
  5. They (the under 50’s) appear to have no gumption, get up and go or self belief of life without the EC. They cannot imagine it so just prefer to be ‘safe’ and not change.
  6. The one non issue in all this is immigration. I have never heard so much rubbish talked about one subject in my life before. It’s a fact – get on with it, although there are side issues to which I may allude but which have absolutely nothing to do with –
  7. Supporting a corrupt, totalitarian, unelected (and unelectable) junta making fatuous undemocratic decisions to suit the whims of a totally out of control (financially) monolith that has achieved very very little of true worth when compared to its expenditure.
  8. Then there is the theory that the rich nations at the centre use ‘freedom of movement’ to suck in the labour of the poorer ‘fringe’ economies to keep their own costs down. No Brit picks fruit – it is cheaper to employ Eastern Europeans which keeps down wages and thus dissuades ‘locals’ from the market. At the right price anyone would do it.
  9. I work across Europe and have family all over – and all, without exception, wish Brexit well; even to the point of envy!
  10. The EU only favours big business and, due to its size and cumbersomeness (I wonder if that is a word??) cannot understand the view of a nation of shopkeepers – who once liberated them! And the good thing about Hitler (a cousin told me) was at least you knew who and what he was. This lot duck in and out and are a perpetually hermaphrodite reproducing amoeba – no accountability.
  11. Where’s the bulldog gone? ER (and Obama, the SNP et al) spends paras on how ineffective/useless/unable to exist without the EU little Team GB is – what does he know? Ustinov,  The Mouse That Roared – we gave you Kitchener, Cornish pasties, Mr Crapper’s flushing toilets and Tarmac. We can do it all again – without Krauts or Frogs – the rest are toast anyway.

In passing, on last nights news, a snotty 22 year old trainee teacher told a pensioner “as I have longer to live than you my rights are greater (please god the bus comes round the corner – NOW)”, followed by the amazing ” leaving the EC would stop me getting a job abroad!!!!”

In which case, G+P say fuck off abroad and don’t affect our vote.

Yours, diablog, cynically



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  1. My sentiments entirely Glynky.
    This is going to be a hard one, I voted out in the 70’s, will I do it again, decision not made, but my heart tells me out.
    I agree there is so much shite spoken that the man in the street does not have the information to make a decision and people will just vote with their heart, wrongly or right.
    What ever happens, we’re stuffed by the establishment.

  2. Thank goodness you are such a wanker G! Oh – and love the banjo bashing group there.
    I just haven’t had the time to sit down and compile an answer to ER’s comments the other day. (Here I am now wasting half an hour!) I intended to, as I want to keep the debate up and running, but I rest my case with your frustration above. The USSR comparison did have some satire I thought, despite ER’s assessment and he shouldn’t put so much credence in Wikipedia being accurate all the time, it’s only as good as the contributor’s accuracy. There is no over riding scrutiny of facts here. That’s beside the point though and not particularly important.
    Why should ER care if leave the EU, or anyone else but us here in Blighty. It’s all about us and what we want, but it worries me that your teacher snippet is not untypical of the younger generation’s views. They think they can’t move around Europe or work anywhere if we are out of the EU. We did it before getting into bed with the EU without hitch, so no issue.
    Don’t assume that you can’t change some people’s minds or give them direction from a fence they don’t know which way to topple off. I think lots of outsiders we will never hear from read this drivel and you never know who will be influenced. Don’t despair!
    I’m not sure that declaring war anywhere is the answer, even for that marvelous brew Pinot Grand Fenwick. Only the bold mention Hitler these days. Everything is PC bonkers, no one can say anything without being demanded to apologise. Good comparison by the way.
    There is so much to say, but I just wish those who have the platform to say it use it better in the next couple of weeks or so. All we get is scaremongering and shyt. Where is Farage? Even the leave lot are holding him back for some “fear” reason or other, although it’s great to have Boris up there. They should be on together. I’m looking forward to his debate with Cameron on ITV.
    I must get back on this again. Time, time time……

  3. Totally agree that G is a wanker.
    As an Englishman residing in Austria and Lithuania, working for an Italian Company, I can see the benefits of being in the EU.
    Everybody should make their own decision but my advice is to stay in the EU.

  4. The problem is dear Smiles, we only want to be half in Europe ‘we will never get rid of the pound’. Who cares what currency we are paid in, as long as we get paid.
    Britain only wants the bit it likes, we have totally signed up to perfect fruit and veg, when farmers are going bust because they cant grow uniform parsnips. It’s no wonder our veg tastes of nothing, it’s grown under controlled conditions to conform with Europe.
    Do the French, Spanish or Italians sell tomatoes that are all the same shape & diameter, do they hell.
    I could go on all day, but I have a paid job to do, bring back gas guzzlers and get the oil price up again.

  5. An Engineer dies and goes to Hell. Dissatisfied with the level of comfort, he starts designing and building improvements. After a while, Hell has air conditioning, flush toilets and escalators. The engineer is a pretty popular guy.
    One day God calls and asks Satan, “So, how’s it going down there?” Satan says, “Hey things are going just great. We’ve got air conditioning and flush toilets and escalators, and there’s no telling what this engineer is going to come up with next.”
    God is horrified. “What? You’ve got an engineer? That’s a mistake – he should never have gone down there! You know all engineers go to Heaven. Send him up here!”
    Satan says, “No way. I like having an engineer on the staff. I’m keeping him.”
    God says, “Send him back up here, or I’ll sue.”
    “Yeah, right,” Satan says rolling in laughter, “And where are you gonna get a lawyer?”

  6. Dear Glynsky,

    Thanks for the post, I mean it.

    Isn’t it interesting, that the only commentator in support of the EU, our dear Smiles, is the one person, who experiences the EU?
    All the others are sitting on your island, without the daily experience of many of the benefits.

    Interesting times,

  7. So ER, why are you surprised?
    Would you like to closely question Smiles on ‘the benefits’ he finds? So far all he has ever listed are “I don’t have to change my money” and “Travel is easy”.
    Has he ever told us anything else?
    Did the recent Dutch referendum (totally ignored by their government) taken as 73% ‘out’ not ring any alarms?
    Which of the arguments against listed don’t ring true?
    Who, other than us, have the chance to publicly choose?
    And by the way, I am researching the import/export ‘claims.
    Check this out:

    have you never wondered why ‘stay’ figures are ) 27 (countries) :1 (UK) and 1:27 and never 1:1 say Germany:UK?

  8. I do not bother to tell Brits the many benefits of the EU as the majority do not give a shit as long as they can drink their beer in pints, drive miles and only leave the UK for holdays, where they want full English breakfast and fish and chips. And expect everybody to speak English and in particular their local dialect, and get upset with the locals when they do not understand them.
    Now in Naples Florida. A really nice place. Saw some Pelicans which reminded me of Glynsky in a fish restaurant.

  9. You didn’t mention tea like mother makes.
    Where are we driving miles to ???.
    So,we are back to Britain only wanting to be half in Europe, the stupid half.
    Pounds not Euros, weight in pounds & lots of miles.
    If we live & work in the UK, then we do only leave for holidays.

  10. Such neg vibes dudes; its giving me bare indigestion.
    Found a cute outfit though for my church experience! Hail the all powerful advertising used at shop windows. Ping!

  11. Bet the shop assistant (you didn’t on line did you?) was ‘not English’ – and good luck to them.
    If it was as bad as Smiles makes out they wouldn’t come, but here there’s money.
    Where they came from it is just bollocks.
    If Smiles wants to keep to stereos:
    Ultra large Austrians and Germans eating only wurst with a towel on every chair
    Italians munching Cornettos
    Greeks up to their ears in feta.
    Come on Smiles, you can do better than that. English is lingua franca – and we should be proud of it. Thanks to our literature and, to ER’s great chagrin, the Empire that was.
    We are Europeans, but we don’t want a crumbling sham of system that hasn’t been accountable to anyone for 19 years plus.
    Where’s your advantages?
    And by the way, miles are Roman – not a Napoleonic invention. Come to that, so was £sd – lire, soldi denari – we are more European than anyone.

  12. Our holy dude, I call upon thee to give these dudes some chill on a Saturday. Though thy might not flow with their uncool ways, you know I the all juicy and great to levy them some spacings for relaxcings!
    Peace and love from up above

  13. Forget the politics, forget the ‘what ifs’, forget the immigration…..forget everything that is being banded around by both sides. I`ve just lived through 40 years of European nothingness! I love my Country, I love visiting Europe, I love meeting different cultures, I love the different influences that a modern world brings……but that has absolutely nothing to do with an EU members club, we can have all that without being in a stupid club, run by a bunch of unelected jobsworths.
    I can`t think of much if anything that the EU has brought positively to my life, but I can remember the social fabric that was far better off before it……..proper NHS, better schools (boy, how stupid most school leavers are these days……I know because I interview them for jobs and they are so poorly educated and lacking in social skills it frightens me!), better roads (did we ever have so many potholes 30 years ago!), better trains (you used to be able to sit down on them!), better Police (they used to arrest drug takers and burglars!), better Councils (have you tried to speak to anybody at the Council about anything that requires a decision lately……..I have and they are all either out to lunch or on holiday….or even worse….there is nobody in that role at the moment!).
    Why is our little island so crowded……it never used to be and we are supposed to have a falling birth rate (we all know the real reason!). Don`t even start to get me talking about taxes……why do I have to pay £3300 a year in Council tax, why does my small little business have to pay £22,000 a year in corporate community business tax and why the Hell will your parents, who scrimped and saved all their lives, have to run the risk of having their house and savings taken away from them if and when they require residential care! Just get on the social, save nothing, do nothing, never work……and guess what… get rewarded for that!
    Things were not great before the EU but they have certainly not improved since joining it and what is more concerning, is that the way forwards under it is going to get even worse. We are an enterprising nation who will survive…..we just need to get the shackles off and let us get on with it!

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