9 thoughts on “Resounding at the Engine Room right now

  1. What a busy Sunday!

    I bought the outfit today and still have 28 days to return which is good. Will I be wearing it? *confused*

    Casper X

  2. Well done – a good splash out never did anyone any harm.
    Forget the doubts, never did solve anything.
    Just wear it with a smile, and enjoy every moment.
    As for the song ER, why? Really uninspired (unless you like trashy Europop) – and Diana Ross cannot be bettered by third raters.

  3. Thanks Glynsky! You are amazing and more xXx imagine the best cake ever and then you eat it and buy another and then eat that: Thats you :-) you have made my day again! X
    Enjoy the rest of Sunday X

  4. I had such a cool first dream and guess who made an appearance..? Db!!

    So I clicked on a download on db and I downloaded a quokka, this was a gift from ER but I didn’t know how to look after it so I gave 2 £1 coins for food and then I later realised it wasn’t a good idea. So anyway he/she spits out the one pound coins and then I fed it some stew, I think it liked that.
    There was one funny bit when I was looking for it and it was under my bed hehe ♡.♡
    The rest of the dream was boring, I was just looking after the quokka, and the other dreams were questionable.
    Thanks for the quokka ER, best present ever!.

    Casper X

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