Update party

Dear Reader,

A while back I said here, that I will not help people with Windows 10. Breaking that promise, I did help someone, who had installed the upgrade from windows 7 to 10. He could neither print, nor scan. And what a mess it was.

In the past you bought common, middle of the road hardware from reputable manufacturers and it worked with Windows.

Well, screw that. The HP thing did not work. And when you want to download the HP software, you have to register at the Microsoft store, and probably the HP store, and with Satan, I guess. Wait, that was repetitive.

In any case, getting the printer / scanner to work in Windows 10 was worse, than any fiddling I had to do with Linux ever. Even a decade ago. So, that was it. No Windows 10 support from me. If you insist on having it, fix it yourself. Or pay someone. I am out of that.

On to good news, we did hundreds of updates to our little server. You did not notice. Because – let me emphasize that:

Linux just works.

Thank you very much to all the developers, coders, architects, maintainers. volunteers, supporters, people, who make Linux happen.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Stay free,

Engine Room

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  1. From one of the many that help keep Linux “happening” – thank you ER for your priceless support. It is our pleasure to be part of a small revolution against Microsoft and their clandestine controlling software. Long may we not notice anything to do with computer software!

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