Nut Bush City Limits

For Smiles in particular, who expressed an interest in Joe Bonamassa. This is him backing Beth Hart, who has done a number of albums with him over the years and they really compliment each other. A new one is on the way later this year.


Don’t you just dig the leather?

Keep on rocking…

13 thoughts on “Nut Bush City Limits

  1. If you enjoyed the clip you must watch or listen to the full concert on You Tube, fantastic, blues at it’s best.
    I take my hat off to you Glynsky, one of the best pieces of music you have ever put on the blog.

  2. Worth mentioning that a) arrangement almost identical to Ike, b) her voice is almost (not quite) as good as Tina and c) she moves the same – oh shades of ’66!!!!

  3. I obviously got Druid and Smiles mixed up! This should have been dedicated to Druid if it was he who liked my last post on Joe. Glad you all liked it. Joe is my hero at present and with Beth’s voice it’s a powerful combination.

  4. I knew it. We are brothers so an easy mistake for Brits with Brexit on their mind.
    Back to sunbed on beach but in the shade of course.
    Some Americans here make ven Glynsky look small.

  5. Just to let you all know, we received our postal voting forms today.
    The question is ‘should I stay or should I go.’

  6. I can manage to wait a year for the collaboration, that should give most of the time to prep my dance moves. I would prefer 2 years prep but just as elated with one :-)

  7. How much time do you need in prep Glyn as you are older? Unless you are just messing with me..

  8. Obviously – go of course!
    We got ours too and they’ve already gone off. I hear there’s a curse on those who put an X in the Remain box….

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