on the way out…

Dear diablog,

A picture paints a million words – so check out the colours, and the stats –

Picture2-1024x577 – and the source!

Kinda discounts the theory that non EU investment comes here to get into the EU via us doesn’t it?

Exports to non EU members up by about 20% over 5 years – I’ll settle for that.

Any questions Engine Room, Smiles – others? Pop into Westminster for a chat.

Yours, diablog, relishing Technicolour


PS. I found this graph amongst the really interesting discourse by MP David Davis – if you feel like a read try this as a debunk of the ER range of (skewed) rhetoric.

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  1. These figures were collected while still in the EU, despite exports to EU countries flat-lining, it shows no restrictions to trading with non EU members. And employment is up!
    Do you have a graph for employment and trading that favors leaving the EU done whilst not in the EU?
    I also read the Mr Davis’s article- jeeze- nothing of value for me there, I skimmed most of it. I don’t think he is clever or intelligent so I don’t know why he seems privileged to call people stupid! DIOT

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