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I apologize for yet another pointless propaganda post earlier on diablog. Let’s leave it to John Oliver to answer Philippa. Not that it helps, as Philippa is proof, Brexit supporters are immune to reason, facts, and common sense. At least this video is entertaining and thus worth your time:

Moving on, as this post is about pastis.

The anis based aperitif has lost some of its popularity. I blame the two market leaders for it, Pernod and Ricard. Both are coming from the same company by now, both are poor examples of this beverage.

Here is an alternative, which I am certain you will enjoy:


Henri Bardouin is the nicest and smoothest pastis, I have found so far. The anis is balanced very well with a lot of other herbs and spices. It is a refreshing drink, perfect fore Sunday brunch.

Like the other drinks I recommend, Henri Bardouin passes the sample at room temperature test. It is even better with some cold water added.


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  1. John Oliver, brilliant, love the song at the end.
    Not a pastis person myself, but Mrs Druid is partial to a glass.

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