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  1. They are absolutely brilliant, worth looking up the Ukulele Orchestra on You Tube.
    They all sing different solos in some quite amusing styles.

    PS : The Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato is magnificent

  2. You very right Druid _ and seeing them live a few years ago got me to buy several of their cd’s – and you have given me another idea!!!

  3. Voted a month ago by post.
    Have you taken in any of the debates? No wonder people say they are confused, such a lot of scare tactics. I must say the remain mob do always come over as desperate, vindictive and personal, and the leave lot very laid back. Wonder why it’s this way around, I had expected the reverse. Most people I speak to about this are for out, but I am not confident we will win it.
    Hey ho there you go then. Back to not giving it another thought, just leave the bureaucrats to carry on wasting our money!

  4. One has to rejoice. I can’t say I have actually felt any elation for a vote ever before. Very close though, we were losing it at 3am this morning when I woke briefly for the inevitable pee! This is a big day and a turning point for the country and I believe it will knock on to the rest of the EU. We won’t be the last….
    There will be a lot of shrewd people making big bucks on the money markets today. No me, I hasten to add.

  5. Dear Philippa
    You will not be making any big bucks today as your Pound is not worth anything anymore and the FTSE has crashed.
    Greetings from Shanghai. Going home to Austria tomorrow

  6. Before you talk Smiles, check out your facts.
    Do you not remember the pound sank to 1.o8 euros about 4 years ago?
    And 1.20 is ‘nothing’???

  7. No I do not remember as I have very little or nothing to do with the Pound.
    Now all of the pots and pans which you sell will become more expensive :-(

  8. Smiles. The whole point on making money in the markets is that he pound will have dropped. If you are in to this sort of thing, you need to buy when it’s low and cash in as it rises, which it will. As I said, not my thing though.
    Everything will rally back. I find it so incredible that the “remainers” preach such doom and gloom. The government has taken contingency measures to sort any immediate issues in us leaving and for the foreseeable future, unlike where Labour left us 8 years ago. All will pan out for the good of the country, you just watch.

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