time to move on…

Dear diablog,

From me this will be the last on Brexit – its her and will stay, for better or worse. Lets get on with it.

There were 2 things that I wanted to post together but one I can’t upload (maybe one day ER will explain why) so at least this will, if you are interested, answer why Smiles and others got it all wrong in my view.

I am grateful to a Brit for sending me an Italian TV transmission. It however says all that needs to be said as to why many of us voted out with conviction.

Yours, diablog, looking forward to a new life


4 thoughts on “time to move on…

  1. Sign him up as the next Prime Minister.
    What amazes me is the the majority of Brits do not know what the EU is. Why did so many Brits google “What is the EU ?”after the referendum result.
    End of discussion. Back to life.

  2. As the country is split 50/50, is it to be renamed as the Disunited Kingdom of once Great Britain ???
    Any free rooms in the Tower ???

  3. Glynsky – Really interesting to get an outsider’s perspective on Brexit. I am sure that this will now take off, as more of the EU nations realise that the Non – democratic make up of the EU rulers is not in their interests either.
    So right what he says about our financial situation, not to mention employment and growth. The UK is a pretty good place compared to the rest of Europe, except of course for Germany, the biggest recipient of our donations to the club. It’s brilliant that the majority of the population had the guts to set us free. I have reflected that the EU government is rather like a huge tanker trying to stop or turn around in everything it does. Taking to the life boats was the best option and we are now heading for civilization as we expect it.
    Lots to do here and I hope whoever takes over from Cameron can lead the way effectively, but this is a great time for the UK going forward. The youngsters will realise it in time too. All they have experienced is the EU. It won’t be at all restrictive to them being out.
    Smiles – those asking what is the EU, are really asking what is if about and what is it for? They realised long ago that it didn’t produce the goods to the benefit of the UK that it said it would and became disillusioned to exasperation. That is why we are now out. At least the UK government is standing by the decision, unlike Denmark as I have mentioned previously where the government ignored the people’s wishes. How did they let them get away with that?
    How Nicola Sturgeon thinks that Scotland can afford to stay with the EU and not the UK is beyond belief. I trust that the people will wake up to it by the time she goes for her 2nd referendum.
    Like you say it’s all done and dusted, so as ER puts it – Nuff said. It was a hot topic for Diablog though, you must admit.

  4. Yes a very hot topic.
    Working in a large office it has been the main focus for the last few days and of course we are divided.
    The Scots that want independence see this as a great opportunity to have a second referendum as they are sure it will be a YES vote this time.

    As you so rightly say ‘it’s done and dusted’ so lets all get on with it.

    Yours, in Scotland with no oil revenue

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