Late from and to the party

Dear Reader,

Before going to bed, after a nice party, I have a quick look at DiaBlog, and what do I see?

Glynsky says: I had been, until a week or so ago, unaware of Electronic Swing – but am now a convert!”

Unaware? Really?

So, what about the post entitled Electro Swing from May 2015, a year ago? Or this one from June 2015?

Either Glynsky isn’t paying attention, or he’s got Alzheimer’s.

Yet, I am glad he came around.

Keep on swinging,

Engine Room

swingin’ out…

Dear diablog,

I think this is really going to annoy the Druid! He seems to be a ‘head banger’ (hopefully one who likes Quo, which I do) but what goes now under the genre of Rock n Roll is rubbish.

Real R+R was from ’56 to about ’64 at the latest with a few excursions (eg Nuttini) at times since.

The other accusation from the Druid is that musically I live in the past. Really? I shan’t bother to list all the new stuff I have introduced to G+P over the years, his comments (and from others)  on those ‘finds’ speak for themselves.

I had been, until a week or so ago, unaware of Electronic Swing – but am now a convert!

Welcome to Caravan Palace (and their exceptional animations) –

with Jolie Coquine. They…

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a thing of beauty…

Dear diablog,

Engine Room much despises gardeners. Personally I really enjoy some aspects of the pastime, the main one being planting something and watching it burgeon in season.

As Glynsky Towers is a little ‘different’, old (like me), and varied in aspect and design I have tried to populate the garden  with a generous sprinkling of ‘specialist’ type plants and have 3 favourites which I impatiently wait to see flower.

Of these, the most unusual is Carpenteria from California – and this year its really going for it!




Yes, it is horribly untidy but, wow, saucer size flowers and all, but against the orange/red climbing rose –  Eeeehagh.

Love it.

Yours, diablog, in bloom


I Can’t Quit You Baby…

Otis Rush – just cool magic.

Live from the American Folk Blues festival 1966.

One man wrecking crew..
Otis is still alive and in my opinion a national treasure. Here’s why I will never be as good as Otis!


send her victorious…

Dear diablog,

I tender genuine apologies for the Glynsky silence.

Amongst a complete revision of the IHQ, cars, organising an event and GKW stuff that keeps happening, time just slips away.

Away from Brexit et al (despite the poster displayed in the window of this ‘party’ pic!)


Mme and I had the immense pleasure of going to a street party yesterday for the Queen’s 90th. The above seems a little bleak as pics go – but what you can’t see (or hear) is that in the lounge behind the open window was a blues band blaring out for all (well, nearly all) to enjoy.

Brilliant – and in some ways a comment on Europe in that we (the Brits) appear to have lost our community spirit and events like this are to be lauded. Italy, France, Spain and all the others have communal events the whole time. We must catch up.

Kids, street tennis, literally GALLONS of Pimms, food enough for the planet and a feeling of general bonhomie was everywhere.

Roll on the next one. I apologise that I only took 2 pics as the Pimms and rain kept interrupting my use of the trusty Blackberry – but this unique sweatshirt summed up the humour of the day


and even, as it was at the end, looking empty believe me the whole afternoon was a gas.

Yours, diablog, hoping to write more very soon,