We call it diplomacy

Just to carry on from Er’s last comment first, how do you think we ended up with farming and fishing subsidies? We had the most productive farming / acre anywhere in the world prior to joining the EEC. The common agricultural & fisheries policies saw the end of these and subsidies became the name of the game, just so those who were (are) less efficient at both got hand outs!

When we are back on our own two feet, we can regain our waters and fish as much as we need to, without the Spanish taking all the illegal “smaller” fish. The farmers will respond accordingly and get doing what they do best. It might be hard at first, but things will settle.

This clip you may well like ER. It’s how politics ticks along in the UK…


I mentioned in my last comments recently that Teressa May might be a refreshing change, well I thought about that and May-be not! I like Andrea Leadsome. Now she is a refreshing change. Will she get to be the next PM though? I hope so as she lead the Brexit debate and will carry it forward.

Forward woman…


One thought on “We call it diplomacy

  1. Yes Minister was so true to British politics.
    I agree with you Philippa, Andrea Leadsom would make a good PM, at least she isn’t a career politician, she has actually worked in the outside world.
    If Teresa may does get the job I would like to see Andrea as Chancellor as she understands money.
    Gove comes across as too smarmy and is only interested in feathering his own nest.

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