3 thoughts on “We all knew this day was coming!!

  1. What a sad world it has become when we are so obsessed with mobile phones.
    They put a sign up in the gym ‘no mobile phones’, totally ignored.
    I hate seeing girls on the cross trainer texting while they’re training, if you can text and move at the same time, you’re no putting in enough effort.
    The other one ‘hello, I can’t talk now, I’m in the gym’. Put it in the locker or else I will throw it out of the window.
    I love to see people walking into lampposts while texting, tossers !!!!!!
    Don’t get me started on Facebook, Twitter et al, these people obviously don’t have a life. Don’t they understand they are making vast amounts of money while you’re writing shite.

  2. I no longer get out of the way of people walking towards me and texting. I just brace myself and let them walk into me and their mobile phone goes flying as I am a big and heavy guy. Sorry :-)
    PS. A retired ex colleague of mine is in a wheelchair following texting whilst driving

  3. Pleased you share my cynicism with this generation’s obsession with mobile phones. It’s obviously an age thing, but I do like to use my phone for required contact and otherwise communicate verbally with those around me.

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