Something good on TV

Dear Reader,

Usually Glynsky makes TV recommendations on Diablog. Since he is still busy and I found something good, let me fill in.

The following is a British documentary. Adam Curtis has released HyperNormalisation on BBC iPlayer.

You Brits can watch it here:

Outside of the UK you can either use a VPN or a Proxy. By now you do know how to get those, don’t you? Or you search online for other sources. I have seen copies out there already. And here is what The Guardian has to say about it.

The roughly two hours are spent well, the movie is worth your time.

Stay tuned,

Engine Room

How does a true NYer talk?

Dear Reader,

Diablog is neither neutral, nor are we shy with words. While some are more British, aka polite, I am more American, or blunt, or rude.

One of the NY icons, Robert De Niro, talked about voting in the upcoming election. It was part of a campaign to motivate people to go and vote. And he talked like the true NYer he is. Listen and see yourself:

Do I have to mention, that I agree with Mr. De Niro? I didn’t think so.

Stay sane,

Engine Room